Afternoon nap

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Afternoon nap

Postby Kriistiee » Tue Jan 03, 2017 7:35 pm

I haven't done this in a long time, and a few months ago did it all the time..

Basically my legs have been aching all day, and as I adapt down this evening I felt myself becoming very drowsy.. I fell into a deep sleep state where I felt my whole body become numb, as though I was aware that i was sleeping but I couldn't wake. My 5 year old daughter tried to wake me several times, I put a film on for her before I fell asleep and her Dad is in the house too. I feel awful, physically and mentally, I hate when I have 'attacks' like this because I feel out of control.

Can anybody shed some light on this? I haven't been formally diagnosed with fibromyalgia but have been seeing medical professionals for 6 years, I have an appointment with a rheumatologist soon - I take 10mg of amitryptiline a day.
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Re: Afternoon nap

Postby pad all » Wed Jan 04, 2017 3:00 pm

Hi. Ditto what what you have just said. I have been ill with a very bad cold followed by a bout of cystitis. Hardly any sleep and I became totally exhausted. Fell asleep one afternoon and was woken by the phone ringing. I must have been in a deep sleep because my arms and legs were shaking and I felt paralysed for a few moments. Same thing happened last night. Went to bed and fell asleep. Sometime during the night I was awakened by a noise and the same thing happened again. I am very stressed at the moment and have to see rheumatologist this week for test results which is worrying me. Because of vascular disease in legs (hereditary) I can,t take amitryptaline and my legs are really hurting made worse by the cold winter spells. I was fine in the Summer. The only thing that helps is walking but the weather is so cold. Just trying to get back into a routine. If rheumatologist can,t help then try a neurologist. I think there can be more than one reason why people develop this illness. For me I am going to try and stay away from doctors and continue with yoga classes, my own exercises on the legs and a Bowen therapist I go to for muscles/joints problems. It,s probably our body trying to catch up with sleep. Good luck with your appointment.
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