Was I being over sensitive.

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Was I being over sensitive.

Postby Gunner Al » Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:52 pm

Hi all, my apologise for not posting for a week or two, I've been having a rather rough time of it recently, the fibro has been really laying into me, plus the back pain has been intense, but worst of all, the new prosthetic leg I got, has worn through the skin of my stump at the bottom of the residual limb, on the tibia, so an infection developed, I've been on anti-biotics and using crutches for two weeks. I can honestly say, I've not felt so bad in many a year. It's really nailed me.
I've been so ill, I could hardly get to the toilet, make a drink or do much else, but my girlfriend, who lives 30 miles away and doesn't drive, has been trying to call me so many times per day, (I'd guess at least 15 times or more) and because I've not answered the phone, has got upset, she has no idea of the issues fibro can cause, even though I've explained it so many times during the last year. So, when I managed to answer the phone, I told her I wasn't at my best and could she refrain from calling me, I would call her. It never happened, the calls kept coming, so I ignored them, once, I relented and I'm afraid to say, my temper was somewhat frayed by then, instead of asking her not to call, I got angry and a few choice words were spoken, I really was at the end of my string and my overwhelming pent up frustrations, got the better of me and she got both barrels, so to speak, I told her, "will you stop the F****g the calls and give me a chance to rest and recover", well, she has taken a hissy fit and finished with me, (to be honest, I'm glad, she's become greedy, needy, wants me to make a will out and leave everrything to her, want's me to move house to where she lives, alarm bells are ringing).

So, even though I'm not in a good place right at this moment, a weight has been lifted and I have a sense of relief.

Was I wrong to respond so strongly? I very rarely get annoyed or upset and it takes a great deal to even get me remotely angry.

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Re: Was I being over sensitive.

Postby *Lisa* » Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:05 am


Personally when I’m not at my best and am really ill I also don’t want to be contacted and need to have quiet time to be able to rest and recover. Any additional stress, tension or pressure can make things worse hence keeping myself to one side.

If I was constantly being called and then not being respected for time out to recover I’m sure I would get angry to so try not to feel bad. It’s somthing only us sufferers understand.
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