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Work triggering flares

PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 1:57 pm
by Cornish
I was formally diagnosed 18 months ago but like lots of people I have read about, have lived with fibro for 25 years, always thinkig my 'flare-ups' were various bugs/ tiredness/ burning the candle both ends/ depression
I'm a busy, quite excitable person often and I look forward to lots of things in my life. . I work in a school ( the pay is minimum wage Which I didn't realise when I started so I also have to work as a cleaner as this fits around my children. I clean holiday houses and it's quite phsically demanding. . Last week I had a gall bladder flare up and could hardly eat or get comfy to sleep. As you can imagine this triggered a flare up- doc signed me off. I'm well aware that I have dropped my colleagues in it at work. My sickness record is atrocious and I'm off, yet again. I know it's Not the right work place for me; its competitive, not very friendly, I feel alone and there is lots of 'sparring' within the team that makes me feel so ill. It' can be quite rewarding but I can't progress in the job and certainly won't while I'm off looking like I can't cope:/ it makes me feel awful and so pathetic.
At home today, I've managed some gardening, a tonne of cooking and after a cup of tea and a handful of nuts and seeds ( really find these a good source of energy and vits which seems key to my illness) I'm off to sort my sons bedroom. I'll crash about 5, and potter about and go to bed with the kids..... If I'm at work, I get so stressed with the atmosphere that my hands and joints squeel in pain and I can hardly think.
I havn't really heard from work . My team, I guess, are just busy and prob fed up with me. I really just don't want to go back but I have to as my son starts there at the school, and I don't want him being known as ' that's so and so's son- his mum used to work here but was always off sick'
The thought of going back next week is making me cry. Does anyone else work somewhere that seems to set their fibro off?
I know this might make sense to anyone with the illness but appreciate to someone wihout it, this might just seem like I'm lazy, don't want to work or that I'm huffy and want to pick and choose too much.
It's contact with negative people which seems to increase symptoms. Can anyone please share any starte view? Thanks for reading X

Re: Work triggering flares

PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 9:36 pm
by perseus
It's very difficult working with fibromyalgia; few people understand the illness, and employers are primarily interested in output and profits.

I was made redundant a decade ago, and was actually relieved about it! Of course this isn't always the case for those with financial difficulties.

It's best to avoid stressful episodes as much as possible. Watching the leaders debate tonight was bad enough!

Re: Work triggering flares

PostPosted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 6:36 pm
by Cornish
Hi, thanks for replying. I think I what I keep seeing popping up as 'high functioning' I have managed work and it's only been the last 12-18 months that has been affected. Thinking about it, gradually over last few years, everything has dwindled ( from working full time, v hands on mum, volunteering, doing lots of craft activities .... To basically getting the kids to school, ( priority being a happy home and Doing a good job at work) To work, then home, repeat. I've tried really hard, and havn't wanted to fuss but frankly sometimes I've had it by 3pm and I'm daydreaming about sleeping under the desk. Is this usual? To find that life has been taken Down to basics? I think his is just a flare after taking on too much.
Were you quite pleased with redundancy? Was there little choice in that Your health had to come first?
I'm hoping to go back to university part time next year.
Id love to hear anyone else's situation if anything sounds similar to me please?

Re: Work triggering flares

PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 7:59 am
by perseus
You sound very motivated and active. It can be good to have many interests and responsibilities so thoughts don't dwell on illness, but you can overdo it as well, so please take care.