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Re: One to show the non believer's

Postby *Lisa* » Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:46 pm

willowthewisp wrote:I only joined this site yesterday. I was diagnosed in 2007. I so wished I had read this before and showed it to my doctor yesterday.

I left my surgery in tears and felt I was going insane. I was told by Doctor that FM is all in my head and should look at my relationship with my husband and grown up kids. (my husband is the most caring loving man and I have a wonderful relationship with my children) Basically my doctor inferred I had depression! Yes I do I had a breakdown 6 years ago did 2 years of hard counselling which was the best thing i have EVER DONE. I refused antidepressants and I was the one who chose the counselling route. It worked for me. Depression never leaves you I understand that, but to be told that FM is in my mind and there is nothing any one could do for me except take more amitriptyline (I am on 10mg a night to help me sleep) I went to the Drs as I am having a bad flare this is the first time in 3 years that I needed to go and see a doctor regarding this condition. I am on painkillers amitriptyline and Ibuprofen which is on a repeat prescription. I felt I wanted to see the specialist as not seen a specialist since i was diagnosed. The Rheumatoid specialist gave me the diagnoses then said there's nothing they can do so I was discharged. I have had to find out for myself any info regarding Fibro.


I found over many years that it also depends where you live for accessible treatments, help and support. Then the team of consultants at your local hospital. Some are very good, some like yours dismiss any further help. I was like you when I was first diagnosed. It was back way over 10 years ago and was told to go swimming and take paracetamol!... end!.. nothing more nothing less! My physio even stopped because I had a chronic illness diagnoses! Until then I had, had many physio sessions which had helped me beyond belief with the symptoms, but found myself returning frequently being unaware I had fibro. Soon as I was diagnosed they took it away and was told it was because they do not fund illnesses they cannot cure! So since then I have paid for physio myself and over the many years must have spent thousands! It’s the only thing for me which helps.

Like you when I got my diagnoses I didn’t know where to turn. I found myself on forums, this one also seeking help and advice. The forums to me were my life line. They have me everything I needed which is why I become to help others. I have had fibro for nearly 20 years and I felt my experiences would help others.

Now, there is more that can help. You can ask for a referral to see a physiotherapist but you only just a few sessions and no more but this can set you up with an idea of how to help the pain, stiffness and any mobility issues.

Then there are talking therapies like CBT this can help with giving you techniques in how to manage a chronic illness.

There is also the pain clinic. If your doctor or consultant as you say cannot do no more for you then these guys can. They have access to further medications and treatments such as... hydrotherapy, acupuncture, trigger point injections, stronger pain killers and medications. To get to see the pain clinic you will need a referral for your GP.

You could ask t9 see another GP in your surgery? Not all doctors have that attitude.

If your able to fund your health then you can look into private treatments like physio therapy, massages, chiropractors, osteotherapy. Anything to help relax the body for example, meditation. Pilates is also well known for helping with gentle stretches.

As you can see the doctors you have seen obviously either have no clue into all this alternative treatment or just don’t believe in it and passing you off so to speak.

You are always entitled to a second opinion!
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