help! recipes needed :)

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help! recipes needed :)

Postby cherryblossom » Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:55 pm

Hi All. As I've said on here before I make jams and marmalades and chutneys, with the help of the girls. At the moment I have almost an acre of runner beans, cabbages, marrows, pumkins, beetroot, swede, potatoes, and onions, crab apples and plums! :yikes:

I know that sounds great but believe me the weeds grow faster than the fastest F1 racer can drive! Anyway, what I'm asking is do any of you have any handed down recipes for any of these things as I would really like to try some others apart from the ones I have in my book? In particular some for a runner bean chutney. Any sort of pickling as well. I've pickled some of my beetroot with a 'standard' recipe, but some bright ideas for the others would be great!
I do these things as Christmas presents, the village fete, personal requests and our own larder store. It takes alot of time and I can only do a bit each day with one of the 'kids' helping me but I enjoy it as it alwasy reminds me of long hot summers when we were sent down the farm to gather hedgerow fruits for Granny for her jam making marathons! Most of all it's great to see what others come up with, so if you have any I would be so grateful for you sharing them with me. I don't pass any of them on so if it's 'Granny's secret' then that's fine, no-one else will get it :tongueout: ! lol! Thanking you all in advance and hope you all have a better day tomorrow. Take care. Cherry :hugs: :flowers:
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