Jewellery Making

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Jewellery Making

Postby Magical.Mischief » Tue Apr 10, 2012 1:36 pm

Hello all :)

Well i am a jewellery maker/designer and run my own business from home called Magical Wonderland Collection, you can find my page on Facebook and i also have a website where all my work is shown :) i love jewellery making, i do all sorts of different things and enter monthly competitions. I first started jewellery making in 2011 as a hobby and quickly fell in love with it, i started off with pandora style bracelets etc, and it just boomed from there, i grew more confident in my work and started to show family and friends who then started to ask me to make them pieces and they offered me money, So in August 2011 i decided to make it just not my hobby but my own little business, as it fits so well to my lifestyle with having Fibro, and also meant i could do as much and as little as i liked, but the main bonus was it is something i love. The name for the business was picked easily and means alot to me as its in honour of my Dad and in memory of my Grandad, they always say im a magical person who can make magical items, so i guess i have always had a creative side :)

So is there anyone else who does Jewellery Making?, and in the stoke on trent area :) if you would like to see any of my work then feel free to pop over to my Facebook page :)

I also run a craft group on facebook called Crazy Crafters where a few local people are a member of too :) and we show off our work on there help each other with advise ideas etc and just a general chit chat
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Re: Jewellery Making

Postby kate2962 » Mon Apr 23, 2012 11:47 pm

I also make jewellery but have never tried selling any I just make things for myself and friends. I love fiddling with seedbeads but do use all different sorts of beads. I cant cope with bending wire etc so have had to give that up. I also love chain maille but is is wearing on the hands after a while! I am going through a patch where I find it hard to get the enthusiasum and energy up to make any - I have plans of what I want to make and have done a little tonight!

I have seen pics of some of your on facebook and they are lovely. I live in NOrthampton so cant pop over to see your makes!
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Re: Jewellery Making

Postby grannygreenwitch » Tue May 15, 2012 11:18 pm

:-D hi, I'm a reluctant 'retired' jewellery enthusiast. I used to love making unusual bracelets, rings, necklaces etc normally with crystals & gemstones as they are my passion. I used to sell at local fayres & sales & although I never made much money, I really loved doing it & was proud of my creations but Fibro put an end to it - a combination of poor eyesight/carpal tunnel & co-ordination has meant that I can't manage it anymore :cry: But as one door closes etc etc...
I have found a new hobby that I'm really excited about - wire sculpture & wire jewellery!!!! :chicken-dance:
I was surprised that I could manage to cope with the wire bending but since it is done with pliers, it doesn't affect my hands too badly. It's still early days but I'm really getting into it. I'm making very bold, freeform jewellery, sometimes incorporating crystals. I haven't yet tried to sell any, but I'm having great fun making them.
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Re: Jewellery Making

Postby Kaunalily » Wed May 23, 2012 9:38 pm

Hi Magical Mischief :-) .

I make jewellery. Mainly bead and wire but I'm slowly investing in gemstones which are my true passion. I'm currently in love with making gemstone trees, but I'm waiting for my votive candle holders to arrive so I can 'plant' them. I've got a Facebook page and a website, but noone really knows they're there so I've only really sold pieces to family and friends. Oh and a few fibro awareness pieces to my friends on one of the fibro facebook groups I'm on. My page is called RemGemz (the first bit's my initials). I guess I just don't know where to start. Your pieces are really pretty. I can't pop over either :(. I'm in Peterborough, so fairly close to you Kate.
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