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Andrew's Water colours

PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 9:17 pm
by Andrew 64
Hi all,

Just started water colour painting learning landscapes, Using the Frank Clarke anybody can paint :-D really helps to relax me but always tired afterwards, so here goes :oops:

Re: Andrew's Water colours

PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:50 pm
by millymoodoo
Wow that is really good!!!

I am starting art classes very shortly with my mum, over the last year we have been collecting all the materials we will need for watercolours and we are hopefully starting a class in November. Neither of us can draw so we are 2 pea's in a pod and at least we can learn together. The class teaches you how to paint animals 1st, which i think it will be quite difficult but we are told if we are able to draw a circle then we wont have a problem!!!! Mmmmm we will see at least we are both in the same position and neither of us will feel stupid lol!!! It will help both my mum and i to relax and hopefully lose ourselves in our paintings. Mum had major heart surgery last year and i am waiting for spinal surgery shortly aswell as having fibro, crohn's disease, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and diabetes and hope that this will help us deal with everyday problems or at least take our minds off things for a while.

My dad is very artistic and has done many watercolours but he only started doing this when he retired and was diagnosed with bowel cancer!!! He had a rough few years going through chemo, surgery and radiotherapy and on many occasions we were close to losing him, but as he started to get stronger he started painting and believe me it has helped him no end. He just loses himself in paintings and says it is all mind over matter (i am not sure about that one lol) but it has really helped dad, he has been through some gruelling pain over the years and he said this helped to take his mind off things for a while. It is 3 years since he completed his treatment and despite it spreading to his lymph nodes he is making a fantastic recovery and it looks like all the treatment that he had has worked. In another 2 years fingers crossed he will have the all clear. He even did his paintings whilst he was in hospital and swears that this is what helped him through the very dark times. So here's to positive times and we are going to give it a go. It always interests me when i see posts like this as it shows no matter how bad or tired you feel there are always other avenues to channel all the pain and other symptoms we endure. I just hope it works!!!

Milly xxx :-D

Re: Andrew's Water colours

PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:28 pm
by Andrew 64
Thank you Milly, I always spent my art class in the teachers MGBT listening to his 4 track player. :crazy: he said ni would never paint ho hum.

Painting for me is a great leveller gives me time to myself & i set the parameters. I too get totally lost in the paint & subject matter.

Remember tis all practice & patience I hope all goes well with you, good luck with the classes dont forget to show us the sum total of your labours.

Many kind regards Andrew :-D