I love all kinds of creativity.

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I love all kinds of creativity.

Postby GlumGirl » Tue Apr 02, 2013 6:01 pm

On days I can make effort, I like to enjoy some of my hobbies which almost all have to do with some kind of creative arts.


One of my favourite things to do is to sing. My IST (heart racing problems) makes this very hard now, but I still find myself trying even if it hurts. Singing just really lifts my spirits~.

This is one I sang not too long ago trying to learn a song from a Japanese anime I tried out for a fandub in voice acting. I got too sick to participate but I enjoyed singing a song and putting video clips to synch with it that day.

An original song ( written by a friend who died of AML yesterday) that I am learning to sing to. It is for an animation we're doing once I learn the whole song and get it recorded right. I do the chorus okay but the verse is a killer. He made such strange tunes.

An older cover I did of the cutesy Japanese ver. of Sugar Baby Love.



A character I am helping design for a game we're making. A WIP.

Momochi Shizo's cover image for her debut song, Jitter Doll. Shizo is an UTAUloid, a singing robot voice/program character. You can hear the CV of her debut song: http://soundcloud.com/inabakageroza/jitterdoll-shizo-cv

A fanart of Lord Kaos of Skylanders.



I love working with UTAU my friends have recorded so I'll show you a few of my creations with some UTAU. UTAU are voice banks recorded and put into a program to make them sing whatever you like. I ONLY work with friend's voices, never any others from other sources.

USTs are the actual programmed files that tell the voice what words, notes, etc. to sing, controll pitch bends and vibrato, etc.

These are ones that I made the UST file of myself.

UTAU Toad by Toad.
Song is 'Tomorrow' chorus from FMP anime. I won award with this UST. It is CV only.

UTAU Manai Yokoshima by Mr. Dark.
I created this UST from a MIDI. Song is Uninstall. CV Only.

My actual first ever UST, an English one. Toad's voice is pleasant to work with although his Cockney accent makes it hard to get syllables right. His accent just pokes through so much.
It is CV only.
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Re: I love all kinds of creativity.

Postby shazq » Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:59 pm

You have a lovely voice GlumGirl :-D
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