Guess what?????

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Guess what?????

Postby tireesix » Mon Sep 12, 2011 6:20 pm

I lost a stone since the begining of August!!! Well, just over a stone......

My physio said cardio was good for fibro (its rollox as it turns out, I feel just the same), but, I also wanted something to strengthen my leg muscles because my knees were dislocating more frequently, so I bought an exercise bike (I got it for £180 on sale from £350 or summat).

And its working!!!!!!

Also, with my borderline/bipolar thing going on, I get SUPER irritable as well, I mean, you don't wanna know me irritable and if you come to close I might claw your eyes out cos in my space irritable. Anyway, physical activity helps with that too, gives me space to channel my negative enery into summat positive.

I also know that while 1800 cals is the advised intake for a woman (or summat like that) but I also know that every person is different, I have always functioned much better on a lower daily calorie intake, so, I have reduced to what I used to have it at (ok, further than I should have done in order to lose the weight but I will go back slowly once I have hit target weight to my ideal calorie intake in order to maintain target weight).

I have reduced bread to just 2 slices if that a day, the rest of stuff that I eat is fruit, veg or very lean meat (well, fish basically or very lean chicken).

No sweets, no chocolate, no dairy (I am intolerant anyway and I can get stuff from plants and supplements for now).

It might not seem ideal but I can tell you this, my knees have improved a lot. I was close on 13 stone and now I am 11 stone 10. I end to be back to around 9 stone by the end of the year............

Thing is, once you stop eating chocolate for a while, you stop wanting it, in fact, the thought of eating it makes me feel ill, I would much rather have a half a grapefruit..........

I am seeing a psychiatrist this week and if they end up giving me mood stabilisers again then I need to be really careful with my weight because weiht gain is a side effect, so I want to be a good weight before I start them, at least a better weight than when I started them last time.......
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Re: Guess what?????

Postby hamstergirl » Mon Sep 12, 2011 6:56 pm

Well done you

I'm trying to loose half a stone and finding it impossible. Going to try and go back to swimming next week.

I found it so difficult to cut out the [chocolate], i'm craving it all the time.

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