Weight Problems !!!

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Re: Weight Problems !!!

Postby mellabella » Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:03 pm

Thank you for your support guys, its very much appreciated.

"i go without any other luxurys in life and im sure as hell aint gonna start starving my self as well." know what garyb, this sentence brought a lump to my throat as i realise how very true it has been for me in the respect that i don't smoke any more ( for over 3 years now ). I don't drink very much. I don't go out socialising - anywhere. I don't buy nice clothes or have my hair done or go to the cinema.. so many things i don't do, so many things i have no control over, all those things are a luxury i can't have now. it's no wonder i never stop ( ed ) eating, it's just about the only thing i can do.!!!

Went to the doctors today.. she's a lovely doctor, got loads of time for me and said she'd now send me to a neurologist as there might be other things gong on as ive got so many symptoms.. -The M.S thing wasn't exactly mentioned but we both knew that's why i'm going-. Anyway she gave me a script for Lyrica. so i came straight home and looked it up on here.. and people were saying almost the same thing.. a 20 pound ( ish ) weight gain.

Sheesh! The reason i went to the doctors three weeks ago was because of concern over my weight and how it was affecting my fibro. :banghead: you just can't win can you................ Big choice here for me. Fat and pain or fatter and total immobility.

anyhow, got a nice cuppa and 4 weight watchers ginger bikkies to look forward to in a min.. :woot:
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Re: Weight Problems !!!

Postby Mayham » Fri Feb 25, 2011 2:22 pm

Good luck to everyone trying to lose weight. I have been on the net all lunch break checking what things make fibro worse/better and psoriasis better/worse and IBS (well you get the idea!)

The one main thing for them all seems to be cutting out sugar and eating a balanced diet with plenty of water and fresh fruit and veg. Processed ready meals and the like all seem to be no-no's. So tomorrow I am going to the supermarket and going to try my best to eat healthier.

Since my last post which was only a couple of weeks ago at most - I have put on another half stone and I feel so unhappy. None of my clothes fit properly and im just totally embarrased by how bad I look now. I also sweat heavily which is probably partly fibro and partly the excess weight.

Wish I could go back 5 years to the skinny version of me and tell me to take care of myself and enjoy being so thin!!! I used to think I was fat when I was a size 8. If only I was that "fat" now!!!!

At least its nearly the weekend. I just collapse by Friday night with exhaustion. Its the only time I can catch up on my sleep as I work full time so crave my Saturday and Sunday lie in!

Have a good weekend everyone.

May x :hugs:
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Re: Weight Problems !!!

Postby sjc » Sat Mar 05, 2011 9:27 pm

Hi. Yes, I know what you mean on fms and weight issues. I used to be about a size 14, now I'm a balloon since the fms and feel crap. Some Gp's are rude and presume that i choosen to become big, without looking into the reasons why fms sufferers put on weight in the first place. I did loose weight once by swimming once a week, so i advise anyone to do swimming as it's gentle on the joints. Take care folks.
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Re: Weight Problems !!!

Postby sandy1963 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 1:09 pm

I am not overweight but do know that its hard to shift any extra pounds that creep on, think its the amytryptolin that does this. I go to the gym 3 times a week and swimming and squash. Although when ive done these things i am in a lot of pain but my weight never alters. I do hope my fibro stays as it is right now because I know that if it gets any work the exercise would have to stop and its the only thing that makes me feel like im in control of my body
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Re: Weight Problems !!!

Postby jacqui-ouch! » Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:02 pm


Have you had your vitamin B12 levels checked. I had very low levels and this caused me to have great difficulty with breathing, exhaustion even worse than the fibro...no strength at all, couldnt even clean my teeth one day...too much effort. It also slows metabolism, so if you havent had the blood test already, maybe it might be that.

I struggle terribly with weight. I have given up all sugar, wheat, diary and potatoes, and alcohol!!! I eat no processed food whatsoever, without exception. I only eat fresh food, and lots of raw fruit and vegetables, seeds some nuts in small quantities. The only carbs i eat are veg based or lentils, pulses etc. I eat a lot of fish, and lean meat. My only vice is i drink too much tea. But with soya milk, and no sugar.

Still, i do not loose much weight, about a pound each mont. However, i am so so scared of gaining weight, i stick to it as at least if i loose only a little, i do know that i can maintain my weight. I was a size 16, and 5'7, now i am a size 20, i feel horrific about it. I have gained about 4stone in a two years.

For the past 8 months or so, Food has become more a form of fuel and i do not eat for comfort ever now, or reward. Its a real treat and special occasion, and happens rarely that i deviate away from my normal eating plan. the psychological effects of being big, and being unable to excercise as i used to, or loose weight are far worse than not eating carbs, sugar, drinking alcohol etc.

To be honest, i do not care anymore, i eat simply to stop being hungry but i do really enjoy fruit and veg, particularly raw! My taste buds are far more sensitive now. I recently ate at my mothers and some butter was on the fish, i couldnt believe how salty it tasted!! weird...just not used to it. I do have good discipline with food i guess... but now i never ever buy anything 'naughty' and if it isnt in the cupboard, i cant be tempted. If i want a snack i eat celery, or apples...oh and drink gallons of bloody tea!

You can get xenical from the doctors which does not allow your body to absorb all the fat that may be in your diet. I was given this, but it was pointless because i didnt eat any fat, so it wasnt worth taking it.

I tried to find some information on lowering carbs, and here is a link about the importance of protein, written by a doctor with fibro.

http://www.prohealth.com/library/showar ... ibid=12301

I too have lost my partner last year, and live alone, very isolated...tis all pretty dam awful. I am sorry you feel horrid and trapped in your body like you describe. That is a horrible feeling and i remember it well as i started going up dress sizes, but didnt buy new clothes...

do have your b12 levels checked wont you...and i wish you lots of good wishes, and hope that you manage to feel more in control soon.

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