A particularly bad day

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A particularly bad day

Postby fionamalkin » Sun Sep 02, 2012 9:27 am

Random post a bad day when we were trying to sell our house to solve business problems.

Yet another drab morning, the rain slants over the windows and my mood is grim, fibromyalgia has invaded my body and attached itself to my hips with grappling hooks. Last night I struggled as I walked down for fish and chips and a quick drink in the pub, I feel like someone has taken me apart and been slapdash with my reconstruction, nothing works properly, my movements are stiff and jerky. I walk like and old drunk my posture and steps considered too much as I try to move smoothly down the street, between each step I am concentrating to relax myself to see through the movement as I place my feet, this helps a lot but it is a slow toil and sharp pains keep jabbing down my legs. This happens from time to time and usually subdues after a few minutes of walking, it did yesterday but I lagged behind quite a lot and I felt so decrepit. Time is ticking by and with zero interest in the house my positive mood is besieged with doubt, if we aren't successful in any of our ventures we will still have big problems, putting the house on the market was a big step for me, because of that very fact I thought it would be the answer, I never really considered that it might not sell given time.

Woe is me! This is enough, we still have four months all is not lost yet.

It is the weekend and I am not tied to the house I need to get out, I will look through this grimness and imagine myself on the other side, I will go out and rely on the elements and the general bustle of life beyond the front door to propel me through the day and stimulate other thoughts. I may even try ten minutes on the cross trainer, the exercise regime I chimed on about has fallen utterly by the wayside over the last few weeks, as usual I take one step forward and about six steps back, I think I need to get motivated again.

I have exciting things planned for next week, I am off to Bruges for a few days, with my mum and sister, it is a lovely thing to be able to look forward to a particular event. My mood is changing as I write, I am fairly well organised, I have my little travel bottles of cosmetics, my blister packs of various pain relief for different sorts of relieving, my washing is done, I need to decide what exactly to pack but that only takes minutes. I should probably buy some Red Bull and I can soar over the tea time energy slump and add evenings onto my days.
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