Women and smear tests.........

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Women and smear tests.........

Postby tireesix » Mon Sep 19, 2011 10:26 am

Sorry, not fibro related but I am so hacked off.......... All I wanted is a smear test, had a load of abnormal ones, been through treatment twice, had a couple of clear ones in the past couple of years, just phoned to ask for another one but they won't let me.

It just seems stupid, you refuse smear tests and you get letters all the time from the PCT telling you should go for a smear test, then, when you actually want one, even when you have had past negatives and are still not past the 'clear' stage, you have to jump thruogh hoops to get one.........

I have been spotting for a couple of months or so, now I am getting abdominal pain etc and due to past history, it seemed the best way forward would be to simply have a smear, especially as I am DUE my yearly one soon anyway. Instead I have to go see my GP and be referred to hospital is need be.......... Why can't I just have my nearly due smear and save the GP the hassle????? It could just be my ablation failing even though its only been 2 years since it was done, so I guess I will be referred anyway.

Surely, women should be able to get a smear if they feel its appropriate???? All I used to have to do is just call up and ask for one, if I felt it necessary.

Maybe I am just being overly sensitive about it all cos I am in quite a lot of discomfort and have been on and off for a while now but its particularly bad at the moment and has been for a number of days and I have had the weird spotting etc.........

Also, my mum had cervical cancer, a lot of the people she knew who had it at the same time as she did are now dead from cancer, so maybe thats playing on my mind as well.
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Re: Women and smear tests.........

Postby Azz » Mon Sep 19, 2011 12:33 pm

I believe normal smears are every three years. If they find abnormal cells this is repeated earlier to keep an eye on them and then they decide if you need treatment or not.

I had adnormal cells some 20 + years ago and they kept an eye on them until they felt I had to have a corn biopsy. I then had to have annual smears until my hysterectomy 16 years ago and they then decided I was no longer at risk and informed my dr. that they had taken me off the recall register.

I would suggest you go to go Dr. with your symptoms so they can decide what action to take as the hospital may have told them that you only need the three year tests done.
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Re: Women and smear tests.........

Postby FluppyPuffy » Mon Sep 19, 2011 12:41 pm

Rather than just asking for a smear test, have you asked if you can speak to whoever runs the womens health clinic/side of things?? I would have thought they would be in a better position to advise you what to do rather than just going in for a smear.
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Re: Women and smear tests.........

Postby Ldyalb » Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:39 pm

Good luck hun, it's a nightmare with smear tests.

My Mum had pre-cancerous cells in her cervix when she was in her 30s (and has regular smears as a result) and a number of other women on her side of the family (sisters, aunts etc) have either had cervical cancer/pre-cancerous cells. I went to an all girls school (relevant as my friends at mixed schools received rubbish gynaecological and sex ed compared to those I know who went to my school, or other girls' schools) and they always drummed in to us (in the 'you will die' way) that we had to have a smear test in early 20s, or 3 years post loss of virginity - whichever came first.

So when I left Uni at 21 I asked for a smear test, especially given my family history and the fact that I was unable to get one of those anti-cervical cancer jabs before I had sex. They no longer give smears to women under 25/26. This was just after poor Jade Goody died and I think they saw a lot of anxious women in their teens and 20s wanting a smear test. They were downright rude to me, I was angry because I wasn't someone who read about it in 'heat and decided I wanted one done, I had sound medical reasons for wanting one done based on my medical history, and since the age of 9 (so like 12 years!) I'd been repeatedly scared at school in to taking them seriously. I also get painful ovulation which made me even keener to make sure everything is ok down there. I had made an informed, researched choice to request the procedure. So many women don't have smears done so it's not like I would be taking an appointment away from someone older.

So make sure you fight your corner, especially as your Mum has suffered from cervical cancer. I'm amazed they're not taking it more seriously for you, I think Flup's idea to speak to the women's health team/clinic is a good idea - they'll be more likely to take you seriously. I'm surprised that with so many women not bothering with smears they'd turn away those who do want to have them done! :crazy:
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Re: Women and smear tests.........

Postby *Lisa* » Mon Sep 19, 2011 7:11 pm

I had to have a cone biopsy as my cervix was full of CIN 3 cells :shock: basicly the stage before cancer :shock:

I had always kept up with my smears and back then it was 5yearly

So in that 5yr period it had gone from clear to stage b4 cancer :shock:

I then had to have yearly smears for 10yrs, think iv just done my 10yrs but like you i will be asking for regular ones still.

I would have thought you would have needed a smear with the symptoms you say? is there a nurse at your GP practice you can talk to?

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