Why dont doctors know about FM?

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Why dont doctors know about FM?

Postby crankycatmk » Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:46 am

Why is it that some GP's dont even know about FM? I was convinced for years that it wasn't just osteo arthritis I had, but my GPs would not listen." just take these & get on with it" attitude is all I got for 25+ yrs! Then I discovered an article about FM and finally felt that I had read an account of me! I duly went back to my GP, who said " what difference does it make giving it a name?". I said it makes me feel like I'm not making up my symptoms and that I'm not going mad! He sent me to see a specialist after nearly 30 years of trying to get to see one, and he confirmed my suspicians! It has helped, because now I am getting some drugs that have helped loads. He did say that there isnt anything but drug therapy, losing weight(which I have been fighting with all my life!) and gentle exercise can be done.
I eat organic veg, swim 2>3 times a week, walk the dog daily and now use an exercise bike at a gym. I have cut out red meat, anything with white flour in it and any unecessary foods, like cakes and biscuits. I still cannot shift the weight but at least I know I am doing my best!
So far, Ive been on the bike 3 times and am up to 10 mins. It has helped to strengthen my week wobbly thigh muscles. So Im pleased with that. It hasnt helped my back, bottom or balance, but its early days!
Watch this space! :fingerscrossed:
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Re: Why dont doctors know about FM?

Postby Azz » Mon Nov 14, 2011 12:29 pm

I only wish I could swim and go to the gym, or even walk the dog. I try to keep active as much as possible by doing things around the house but then end up in bed or on the sofa for a few days with no energy and in so much pain.

It is a vicious circle all the time. It drives me :crazy: The one thing I know I can't do which is a big :nono: or I will be in bed is I cannot vacuum carpets. So we plan to have new flooring laid all around the house. :)

This will make life much easier again for me. It has been a case of finding a positive way in which I can continue to be normal, if I ever was in the first place that is :lol: I have had to learn to change the way in which I do things. Still getting to grips with it, but I am getting there. Hubby had moved all the things I use everyday in the kitchen cupboards to the lower ones to make it easier for me :clap:
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Re: Why dont doctors know about FM?

Postby Ldyalb » Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:03 pm

I saw a new GP today (my lovely GP is on holiday). He had to ask me what it is!!! 'What's this Fibromyalgia cause?'

The only good thing was that my symptoms alarmed him so he's added some extra blood tests to the ones my Rheumy ordered last week (liver function and rheumatoid factor). He also gave me antibiotics for a nasty UTI I have, been suffering for years with them but they usually self-resolve with copious water, it's rare I need antibiotics - but he didn't even check my urine, just said 'if you say it's a UTI I'll give you antibiotics!' - say what? I'm not medically qualified!!! I inisisted on giving him my symptoms to check, didn't want to take antibiotics if it wasn't an infection.

He also gave me someone else's prescription from a month ago, he'd obviously had it lying on his desk, he said he must have forgotten to give them it (he forgot mine until I prompted him).

I'm not seeing him again!

I'm glad you've finally got a diagnosis - 30 years later than you should have! It's such a common condition - no Dr should have not heard of it. Mind you I read about one woman who saw a Dr who hadn't heard of Multiple Sclerosis!!! Scary :shock:
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Re: Why dont doctors know about FM?

Postby sky 1 » Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:20 pm

Its very worrying to think we put our trust in these people and some of them have truble knowing what day of the week it is :lol: .Mybe thay have fibro fog :lol:
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Re: Why dont doctors know about FM?

Postby trafficklights » Wed Nov 16, 2011 2:03 pm

I quite agree! Its very frightening one doctor told me to pull myself together and read a book oh not forgetting to exercise daily. I wish i could i used to love swimming. Ive got doctors Friday and im already getting stressed at the thought of it.
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