Why doctors hate me

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Why doctors hate me

Postby buxbunny » Sat Dec 10, 2011 2:41 am

If any in the profession i don't mean to tar you all with the same brush but I sometimes wonder why people went to become doctors. I would hope the main answer would be to help people.
It’s as if they no longer respect you as a person if you believe you have Fibro but my ordeals started even before then.
I will give a few examples

(I was 12)
Me: My stomach keeps churning and it hurts and i don't know what wrong.
GP: You should come back if keeps happening.
(Following week)
Me: I keep having diarrhoea and constipation.
Gp: I will proscribe you some gaviscon.
Me :( what a feeling...)
I haven't tried to tell them about my stomach pains again.

Me: I have pain all over it feels like I've been beaten up.
GP2: Do you exercise.
Me: I used to go gym but now can't always in pain.
Gp2: its cause you don't do anything you should do more exercise.
Me: i can't i'm in pain
Gp2: Doesn't sound like Firbromylgia because you don't have any pressure points
Me: Fibro what pressure what???
To be honest she didn't explain it or i would looked it up on old trusty Google and maybe saved myself heap of trouble.

Me: I think i have arthritis...
Me: ...
Gp3: You can't have arthritis at you age
Later that evening it would seem Google thinks otherwise. Stupid computer.

Me: I'm finding it hard to stand at work and in constant pain and i can't sleep and..
Gp3: ok look i have stop you there if want talk about other stuff then have to book another appointment
Me: ok sorry. I'm finding it hard stand at work at till.
Gp3: Have you lifted anything heavy recently.
Me: No.
Gp3: You should stretch more and lift with right position (heres a diagram)
Me: (I'm standing behind counter for 9 hrs....)

Me: I went dentist and they said i have tmj(Temporomandibular joint disorder) and I've been of work for about 6 weeks now because been so much pain and i need sick note.
Gp4: Hmmm i've never heard anyone taking time of work because tmj there nothing here on notes.
Me: No latterly ive been crying in pain. I thought migraine what told last 3 doctors I’ve seen but painkillers had no effect. I also had a car crash where I wrote off the car due to the pain...
Gp4: Are you sure it wasn't your driving?
I've begged secretaries to never put me in with him again plus lost my job.

Me: I have (list symptoms still did not know fibromyalgia was)
rheumatologist1: Ok (prodding and poking) I don't see anything wrong with you. Here is this leaflet on stretches.
Me: (i waited 6 months for 2 min appointment to be told to stretch)

1 year later
me:(please please please let it be someone different)
rheum1: Mr Paul
me: ...
rheum1: Have we met before
Me: you saw me last year... Told me to do some stretches...
rheum1: hmm ok are you sure? But anyone you look healthy.
Me: (I feel like ****)
4 hours later of tests and scans that i was told to do no explanation what there for.
rheum1: I can’t find anything wrong with you so book another appointment see you in DEC..
I got detailed letter in doctor jargon and after googling i find out i have a slightly positive rheumatoid factor and a heart murmur and results of blood test still waiting.

Change of GP
I have been sent to gp after seeing councillor said i have fibromyalgia and explained it in great detail and since i am at high risk due to suicidal thoughts i have to go see gp straight away.
GP5: ok how can i help you
Me: i was told to come see you by Uni and im told i have fibro something something
GP: Yes your being treated for this already
Me: what?
Gp: yes amitriptyline is to help you deal pain.
Me: oh my god i was told that was to help me sleep...
Gp: nope antidepressant muscle relaxant and helps you sleep.
me:oh.. my .. god.. it does nothing i still in pain depressed and can't sleep.
Gp: Most of it is just in your head its psycho something something... ...It can take months it to kick in... ... If you aren’t coping you can drop out of uni.

Next day
me:I've read up on Fibromyalgia and I want a support group and i herd it’s a disability what help can i get?
GP6: i don't know erm maybe you should get a social worker and ask them or job centre or CAB
Me: ok how I get a social worker?
Gp: i don't know.. Maybe ask your uni?

One random day i get home visit
Gp7: I have a letter here from university for disabilities officer I want understand what happening since i don't know you and there nothing on your file.
Me :( finally someone who understands) Well... (10 mins of explaining symptoms)
GP: Why do you want kill self!! WHY!!
Me: Cause I’m always in pain no one helps me and i feel like I’m going crazy!
GP: You shouldn’t go around saying things like that. What is wrong with you look your daughter do you want leave her fatherless!!
Me: I don’t think I will do it but I think about it all the time.
GP: Ok well stop saying it.
I paid £15 for letter that said "I Have Fibromyalgia but I do not want to kill myself". My Uni said they sent him a 3 page form to fill out explaining how my disabilities affect my ability to learn.

To be honest typing this out has made me laugh at treatment I’ve received. I have appointment with rheumatologist again 22 dec and I am going in all guns blazing. I have excel spreadsheets of symptoms me councillor wrote up and i am equipped with knowledge. I know they hate people who self diagnosed but I wouldn’t have to if they did it for me.
I think what is said is nothing was ever explained to me by doctors. Not fibro not what rheumatologist does or what medication for. Thank god for Google and my councillor.
On side note I was also rejected for DLA even though my councillor said I should get higher rate but reading on here I see that's not uncommon. I tried fill it out on my own best my abilities (5 days lol) but I honestly believe my medical history is blank. They just sit at desk and pretend to type and read things. (Facebook maybe)
I don't even think they actually talk to each other neither.
I hope you understand why i think they hate me.
Yay 3 hours later and i finish i can post this!

On the flip side I have read forum and found such useful post as Doctor database and other posts ( The none believers one is on my wall.) I don't know what a Naturopath, Osteopath is but that's closets to me in the database. I'm too embarrassed to call so I sent an email instead.
Thanks again for all the help from this lovely community
Someday, we'll look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject.
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Re: Why doctors hate me

Postby shazq » Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:49 pm

:goodluck1: with your next appt.
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Re: Why doctors hate me

Postby Roseofsharon » Sat Dec 10, 2011 1:24 pm

:goodluck2: with your next appointment.

I honestly have no words you story has so totally shocked me. No I do not think the docs hate you, but keep fighting to get them to do their jobs properly!
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Re: Why doctors hate me

Postby buxbunny » Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:36 am

In retrospect reading the "worst thing said" topic i feel i got of lightly.
I really don't understand their negative attitude.
And even i thought somone was making it up i would never say it to them
Someday, we'll look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject.
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Re: Why doctors hate me

Postby DarkPhoenix » Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:01 pm

I know exactly where your coming from i've had years and years of the same treatment from several doctors,every symptom ive had has been mis-diagnosed and been sent back and forth from hospital to hospital with no answers only unwanted discrimination and mi- diagnosis time after time.

I started to feel like every doctor i had hated me also as no one would listen to me and i had to do my own research online to come to some kind of diagnosis until by a stroke of luck i eventually got a temporary gp who was filling in for a few weeks who managed to diagnose me after only having to see them twice and im now awaiting hospital appointments myself on the 19th december to get the help i need,but unfortunatly i am back with my old gp who has decided that its all an "in your head" illness and will not prescribe me anything for pain and have been house bound for 3 mths due to not being able to walk.

good luck with your appointment and i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya in the hope you get all the support from them that you need cause theres nothing worse than the feeling that if your doctor doesn't support you or believe you then who will x
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Re: Why doctors hate me

Postby diddydani » Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:21 pm

Oh my goodness, Im speecless at the treatment (lack of) you have received!!!

Good luck and keep your sense of humour- itll help you deal with the crap doctors- fingers crossed you get a sympathetic one

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