Got to wait another 6 weeks for an X ray :(

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Got to wait another 6 weeks for an X ray :(

Postby Ldyalb » Thu Dec 22, 2011 12:10 pm

I saw my GP today. On the plus side he's still chasing up my referral to a Fibro clinic, there's none local so they're just waiting to see if the one in London will take me. My boyfriend has offered to pay for me to go there as a private patient if not. On the other plus side he's well behind me for my DLA application which is good, and he's given me Tramacette (Tramadol and Paracetamol combined) to have instead of Dihydrocodeine and Paracetamol seperately.

BUT I've been suffering for a while (about 3 months, slowly getting worse over that time) now with swollen fingers, particularly in the middle knuckles of my fingers. The other day they were almost twice their normal size and red. I told my Rheumy on 10 November and she said if it still persisted in a month's time that I need an ultrasound scan. So it's now been 6 weeks since then but my Dr won't send me for an X Ray until late January if it still persists. It's a nightmare, it's making typing hard and they're so stiff. I'm seeing him on 9 Jan for a new sick note if I haven't had my ESA medical by then so I'm going to push him for an ultrasound (I don't think my local NHS will pay for that, I think it'll have to be an x ray) then.

Everyone in my family has arthritis pretty much. I'm hypermobile which predisposes me to arthritis, esp at a young age. My Dad has arthritis (to be fair he's 72 next month but he's had it since he was young), my Mum was diagnosed with arthritis at 28 but thinks she'd had it for many years before, they only started taking her seriously once she was pregnant with me. But I'm nearly 24 so not much younger than she was. Loads of Aunts, Uncles etc have it too, and many have had it young (late 20s and 30s).

Argh, I just want to know if I have it or not so I can get a better anti-inflam on the go (on 150mg of Diclofenac daily but it's not doing much for it). It just seems like budgets are so stretched they'd rather risk leaving the condition to spread and get worse, rather than scan for it early and risk scanning people without it. :evil: Not a happy bunny!
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