New Dr - being open about anxieties

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New Dr - being open about anxieties

Postby PoppyFlux » Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:40 pm

Hi, I was replying to another post in the forum that reminded me of how I dealt with a new situation last week & I thought I'd share it in case it might be useful to anyone else.

Last week I had a 1st appt with a new Dr, always an unnerving experience - I needed a new Dr as unfortunately my really nice Dr had been made redundant, but I di ask him to recommend another Dr at the practice for me...

Soo anyway, I went along to my 1st appointment, full of nerves and not knowing what to expect, not good for fibro so I wasn't feeling great anyway. I have severe anxiety and become nervous and agitated around people I don't know, and for obvious reasons I don't trust Dr's.
I decided whilst I was sitting in the waiting room that I was going to tell her all this (believe me that's a really brave thing for me, I don't stand up for myself nearly as often as I should). So I was called in, I sat down, and began to tell her about the anxiety and how I feel around strangers, she nods politely, then I took a deep breath and said something like 'I also have issues with Dr's, in the past I've been mis-diagnosed and felt ignored and made to feel like a hypochondriac, and I need you, as my new Dr, to be sympathetic, understanding and supportive to help me build up trust so we can work together to help me to manage my symptoms on an ongoing basis'.
I was quite tearful by now but she was very understanding and said of course she'll work with me and support me as much as I need. It seemed to break the ice, & then I got out my list of things I needed to discuss :mrgreen:

It might not work with every Dr but I found being honest about how I was feeling and telling her what was worrying me helped calm my nerves & made me feel better. :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P :-P
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Re: New Dr - being open about anxieties

Postby shazq » Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:49 pm

Thats good Poppy, sounds like you are going to get along fine with your new GP, its so much easier to have an understanding GP.You will be more relaxed on your next visit. :hugs:
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