Pain management course lol

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Pain management course lol

Postby Butterflywind » Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:04 pm

I was sent miles away to what i thought would be a one on one it was a pain managment course intro that the hosp thought i should go on. Its 2x a week (get this sarting at 9.30am one day and 1.30 the next) for 4 weeks then every week for 3 months. I explained that i cant drive very far anymore (they knew i have fm and other related probs) & that i dont have anyone who can drop everything to take me.
My questions were could they tell me how i could get there ? Answer thats not our prob but if you dont attend every session you will be signed off by the hosp.
Q what if i am ill ...same answer
in fact the physio guy looked a bit sheepish as the two nurses were very (lets be nice and say) forceful. (i am not havin a go at nurses there are 3 in my family)
Also one said do you really need those crutches? I felt like saying i dont want them but i need them but by then after an hour on extremely uncomfortable chairs i just wanted to go home.. (for the first time in yrs even through my cancer treatment i didnt cry, but this day really made me blart)
I feel like its blackmail that if you dont go the hosp will dump you & so will the support services that go with it.
(sorry for the spelling brain fog bit bad today)
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Re: Pain management course lol

Postby fibrostar » Wed Apr 04, 2012 6:24 pm

Hi, I was sent to a pain management clinic, the dr said he wanted me to go on an 11 week course, I had to be there for 9.30 am untill 1pm every day for 11 weeks and if i missed any or didnt want to go on the course, then i would be taken off their patient list, but because i am waiting treatment for sleep behavioural problems he agreed to keep me on the list until such time i am fit to attend. If i wasn't awaiting this other treatment it would have been a case of take this course or good-bye! :wave:
Why is the course so intensive, they obviously didn't take into account fm sufferers, none of us could stick to this timetable for 11 wks?
If i could go on this 11 wk course i would be fit enough to work, and if i was fit enough to work i probably wouldn't have fm and i wouldn't need the pain management course in the first place !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :banghead:
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Re: Pain management course lol

Postby Butterfly8588 » Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:16 pm

Hi Butterflywind,
I really dont think they can force you into this if you werent even told it was a course. ive been on a pain management course (and my god it was hard to keep going and i nearly gave up) and the number of people on the course more then halved by the end and to my knowledge they didnt get kicked out of pain management all together. I only managed to go cos it was near me (ten min drive) and someone else was taking me. Can you not be transferred to a closer course?

As for the crutches comment, i was sat next to a guy who broke his back and is on the verge of having his foot surgically removed after a car accident many years ago. He was in such bad shape he had to lie down cos he cant sit without being in agony.

Anyway i sat there and listened to a nurse telling him he should lower his pain medication and try alternative methods (such as meditation) and i dont know how he kept his mouth shut. Im not confrontational at all but sometimes people have no idea what it's like to be in pain even when they are meant to be experts.

If i were you i would speak to your GP or rheumatologist or whoever you are under and see what they can do for you.

Take Care xxx
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Re: Pain management course lol

Postby denys » Mon Apr 09, 2012 10:26 pm

Sorry I havent anything constructive to say just wanted to say well done for trying dont let insensitive comments get you down :hugs: :hugs:

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