Unhelpful Doctor / signed off work

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Unhelpful Doctor / signed off work

Postby stoatonaboat » Thu May 03, 2012 9:51 am

Hi All,

I have just been signed off work for 2 weeks for the first time. I'm absolutely gutted, as though I moan about my job, I'm realising how much it defines me. Luckily I'll get full sick pay and they will bear with me for a while. I can't escape the feeling of 'what if this is it? what if I never work again?' I've never been in this much pain before and have always managed with amitryptilene. Now I'm on 900 Gabapentin a day and rising. The burning feeling has gone to my upper arms and upper back, which have not been problem areas before. After 3 years of pain, I thought I knew where I was, but this is a whole new ball game :-/.

I called my Dr, who is on leave. B******! His colleague called me back. I was having a try at Cymbalta andcouldn't sleep and asked for advice. He said 'we're running out of options to try and can't really help you. Keep on the Cymbalta'. He won't give me anything for sleep. After a week of no sleep, I switched back to gabapentin. Does anyone else combine this with anything? I feel like my doctors know nothing. My regular Dr is way more sympathetic, if not uber-knowledgeable.

I've also booked a course of 6 reflexology sessions whilst I'm off. Any success with this, anyone?


S xxx
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Re: Unhelpful Doctor / signed off work

Postby Adele » Thu May 03, 2012 10:24 am

poor you. i have taken gabapentin in the past combined with 6 or 7 different drugs. i think i even took it at one point with carbamazapine which is another epilepsy medication used for pain relief. i take zopiclone nearly every night to sleep, it's addictive, but isn't everything? i find that my Boots TENS machine helps with the neuralgia, as far as i'm concerned the cheap ones are useless. a muscle relaxant may help you; some of my neuralgia was due to compression of the nerves by muscles in spasm.

regarding reflexology, i have a session once a week. a lovely lady who usually treats clients in her own home takes the bus to treat me in mine. it is painful when she treats areas on my feet such as my bowel, left kidney and pituitary gland but after a few sessions i have started to get high on the endorphins. we chat for about an hour (free counselling!) and then she does my feet for 50 minutes. i'd say that it has reduced my pain and changed my attitude towards the pain i feel.
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Re: Unhelpful Doctor / signed off work

Postby stoatonaboat » Thu May 03, 2012 2:46 pm

Hey thanks Adele. I'm really hoping the reflexology helps. I'm glad it helps you. There must be something in it,I did feel better yesterday after my first session. I could really feel it when the pituitary gland was done! 'Til now i've had a deep tissue massage every 3 weeks which has been helpful,but feel like it might be rough for me right now.

I'm going to stick with the Gabapentin for now. I'm not tired on it anymore and it is helping. Worried about weight gain- though I'm not eating a great deal right now. I'm trying, but my interest in food is low. So unlike me - I love my food!

Anyway - on we go! I have a tens machine from Boots too. I use it mostly for my legs. I also have a home ultrasound machine from Ebay - it helps a bit, though not as good as proper physio.

My drs don't seem to offer me any of these drugs. It's me suggesting drugs to them!! Sometimes they prescribe ust to get me off their case. Sigh. Doctors. Can't live with em. Can't do without.

Are you well enough to get on with life?

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Re: Unhelpful Doctor / signed off work

Postby Ldyalb » Sat May 05, 2012 5:21 pm

I need to sort myself out with reflexology, sounds awesome :)

wrt sleep, I use amitriptyline and it works well for me, it has the added bonus of also helping with pain.

My back-up GP took me off it 2 days ago for a week (he thinks my dry mouth is due to the amis, personally I blame fluoxetine and/or acid reflux) and my sleep has been awful. Back-up GP put me on an anti histamine instead (hmm, not sure how that's meant to help me sleep!) I'm seeing my normal GP on Friday so think will go back on the ami's until then and request that normal GP gives me an effective alternative to ami's whilst we see why I'm feeling so dry mouthed and unwell. I had another diabetes screen yesterday (oh joy) so by Friday we should know if there's a medical problem for the mouth, or if it is just a med side effect/acid reflux.

So, rant aside lol, I find the ami's really do the trick. I take 50mg, the previous dose of 10mg did nothing sleep wise but the 25mg dose helped a bit. But 50mg knocks me out about 2 hours later so I at least fall asleep quickly. When your normal Dr is back ask him about sleep meds, ami's a common one but there's loads more out there, :fingerscrossed: you find one which works for you :)
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Re: Unhelpful Doctor / signed off work

Postby Melbi_UK » Wed May 23, 2012 7:33 pm

I was prescribed Trazadone some years ago due to not being able to sleep. I was taking zopiclone but GP stopped prescribing them as they are addictive (as already mentioned aren't they all). Anyway, my GP sent me to see a psychiatrist as I had started having anxiety attacks (due to complete lack of sleep) That is when I got prescribed trazadone, it is an old anti depressant that they now also use as a sleeping aid.

I've slept good on them ever since apart from waking with the pain during the night. When I saw the rheumy last october and was diagnosed with fibro she had to discuss what to prescribe me with the psychiatrist as she wanted to prescribe that ami drug.

A few weeks later both myself and GP received a letter from the rheumy saying they are happy for me to stay on the trazadone instead of changing to the other and also prescribed pregbalin and tramadol to be taken with paracetamol.

When I saw the psychiatrist last week she asked if I was still managing to sleep ok. As I am on the whole I told her so and she decided to leave me on the Trazadone and other meds (little did I know this would upset my gp)

I take 300mg Trazadone but that is only because I suffer from anxiety and depression too so maybe a lower dose would work for sleep alone? I do know I have to take them just before I intend to go to sleep otherwise I feel well spaced out and relaxed to the point I'd struggle to get into bed (if I'm not already there) I need to be prepared for sleep such as go to loo 1st etc otherwise I'd need help to get the the bathroom and not fall over.

Wondering if Trazadone would help others with fibro too? Could it replace ami? Nor sure if these tablets are in the same line or used to treat the same thing other than fibro. Might need googling.
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