"It took over 2 years to get there"

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"It took over 2 years to get there"

Postby disco dancing kar » Tue May 22, 2012 1:23 pm

Hi all, Its a sunny day outside,hope you are all well inside.Went to my first pain clinic appointment last wednesday,after asking my drs for the last 2 years.It was nice to talk to someone who listens.She asked about my life,when i was diagnosed,tabs,pains etc.After telling her a few things,she got the jist about why my docs were vague about me.On paper they said i had cfs,which i have had for 27 years,but have got on with, and have not bothered them with, but did not mention having fibro,which they diagnosed,but have not helped with and do not really reconised.I had been going to a private specialised for a year,through some money left to me for a carpet,and family paying for,which i did not want as i am very independant. He was the one who sorted tabs out for me and help with injections for pain,as ended up on morphine with docs as did not know what to give me.Asked about injections in pain clinic,but did not like giving them regually, as they were sterold in them which i did not know,i was having them every 6 weeks,she said they can cause ostieposis, sorry spelling rubish.She was lovely though,upped tabs,as in more pain,changed another,as not working and giving me accupunture to see if that helps,just for 6 weeks but as she said accupunture is 30 pounds not 200 pounds i had to pay before,she also is going to give me support,as she said i should have gone to rumatolgy from my docs,and have had no support with my cfs and now fibro from health services.I hope these things manage it to a limit as i am trying to work for my mum as a carer tea time for hour,but i do 2 hours,sometimes a bit more as shes my mum,i have always helped her anyway and because i can not work properly,have got no fight left asking for benefits,done enough when had cfs,i just get on with it.Hope accupunture comes soon and up date you to see if it works,if i am still standing :crazy: .Sorry to go on. kar
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Re: "It took over 2 years to get there"

Postby shazq » Tue May 22, 2012 2:12 pm

:goodluck1: with the acupuncture hope it works :hugs:
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