Pain clinics -useful or useless?

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Pain clinics -useful or useless?

Postby wobblycat » Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:12 am

After replying to a members distressed post following her visit to the pain clinic Itoo visited the pain clinic last week.

For a lot of us the pain clinic is the end of the line &expectations can be high possibly unrealistically.The doctor I saw tpld me in her experiencefm sufferers do not get any help from medication only the side effects.While this has alsobeen my experience Ithink some ppl could be devastated being told this given the severe pain they are in.

There are manytypes of medications available & the skills &knowledge of so called pain doctors should be able to tweak or juggle some sort of benefitfor ppl in pain.I am also being offered pain management a package tailored to me but includesa type of counselling , physio imput -dont know how long before I get this& feel quite desperate at times .

Irealise pain services vary around the country&funding is low prioritybut how much help are we really getting?Are pain clinics useful or useless?Iwould love to read your views

Thx for reading & gentle :hugs:
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Re: Pain clinics -useful or useless?

Postby denys » Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:15 am

In my experience quite a lot of people do actually get some form of relief from painkillers, whilst not complete relief some is better than none I know that I am better off on them than off even though I still get a lot of pain, they can take the edge off and allow me to at least have ssome sort of function during the day.

I havent been to a pain clinic but have attended all sorts of courses and other clinics etc and would say that from some I got helpful tips and from others nothing at all :roll:

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Re: Pain clinics -useful or useless?

Postby illandreal » Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:43 am

hi, I have always had fantastic care from the pain clinic with one to one sessions for anything I have required. there are groups for some patients too and I have heard some moan like mad [ heard them in the waiting room] about not being believed as to how ill they are or how severe their pain is and how disabled they are etc. Motivational exercises [ not all physical] are a part of this group here anyway and it helps the team to see how and why people are in pain and how much they want to be helped. that is not saying they are not ill, just they cannot wave magic wands to make you better and hobbies, interests and attitudes play a huge part in the chronic disease management plans they can and do assist people with.
Pain clinic is a brilliant place and yes some patients inc myself react v badly to many medicaitons and sadly the unrealistic emphasis on it being a cure all can leave some people sadly more miserable than they already can be. they are assessing you from when you arrive at the door and use v clever techniques to assess peoples pain and perceptions and ideas of need for their care and treatments.

I know of someone who was told they had ME who went there and because of their expertise and care the person was correctly diagnosed with a severe mental health condition and is now a million times better out of the wheelchair she didnt need and out of the specialist housing she didnt need to live in without the care package she didnt need eg to lift her in a hoist and so on washing and dressing her- she is now working 30 hrs a week and it is all due to the pain clinic assessments she moaned about going through because "she was so ill nobody could have ever helped her" depsite there being no ME at all!
worth a try to get all the help you can from all the people there employed to assist your condition/s and needs. new things and new help can come from the least expected teams!
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