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Postby sjc » Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:32 pm

Hi there folks - hope you are ok today. If possible, I would like your advice on the following matter, as I do not know what to do regarding medication treatment from the NHS.

Basically, I suffer with really bad chronic fatigue as a result of my fibromyalgia and bipolar disorder - on top of that I take medication which makes my fatigue even worse. I went to a chronic fatigue specialists at my local NHS hospital early this year. Even though he was a nice bloke, I didn't feel that I got much support or medical treatment for my chronic fatigue. He didn't even offer me medication or some kind of treatment programme for my fatigue issues. Yet on the chronic fatigues service website for my local hospital, it states that they offer medication and various treatment programmes for those who suffer with chronic fatigue. So obviously I was left very confused and upset that I had no support for my conditions, even though I told the specialist I was clearly struggling with my fatigue to the point where I cannot function properly on a daily basis.

I went to my GP surgery last week, and said that I didn't feel that I was offered much support for my fatigue problems and that I am struggling to cope. The GP was going to offer me a tablet called "Provigil" which is used for those with chronic fatigue, narcolepsy, sleep apnea and even ADHD - this medication makes you feel more alerts and focused. But when my GP looked on his files, he said that a specialist can only prescribe this medication.

The GP has wrote to the chronic fatigue service at the hospital and ask the same specialist that I saw if he called prescribe "Provigil" as a GP cannot do so. I have spoken to the secretary of the chronic fatigue specialist and she stated that the specialist doesn't want to give me this tablet, yet my GP was quite willing to give me the tablet, until he read on his files that a specialist can only prescribe it.

So if a specialist refuses medication to his or her patients, I have got the right to challenge his decision. In an ideal world, I do not want to take any form of medication, but I cannot function with my fatigue issues, so I desperately need something to help me out. I have literally tried most medications like anti-depressants and strong painkillers to see if they can help me overcome my problems, but they do not work. I have tried cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques, pacing myself, mild exercise, vitamins supplements, etc...but nothing is working for me. :roll:

The trouble is that the chronic fatigue specialist at my local hospital has only one specialist, which I have already seen - so I cannot ask for another chronic fatigue specialist. So I am a little stuck on what to do. I have asked my pyschiatrist if he could prescribe me some medication for my low energy levels/fatigue problems, but he says that this is a physical problem. I do not have any specialist for my physical problems at the moment, so I cannot ask anybody else for medicaiton support. So I am stuck on what to do. :crazy:

What would you guys suggest? Do you think I should challenge this specialist? Thanks for your advice folks.

Take care! :-D :-)
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Postby meyer12 » Fri Jul 27, 2012 2:46 pm

if it were me i would be at least asking for their reasons behind not prescribing the drug.
It could be that he/she would rather not get you onto these kind of drugs, maby once you are on them you will have to remain on them and comming off them could make fatuge much worse. If that is a reason then you need to push for a propper treatment program with regards to fatuge.

Ive seen specialists who have mentioned staged activity where you do a little bit more every week and you eventually find that you can do more on a day to day basis.

I have done this to a certain extent but when i have flare ups i cannot do anything for weeks. I try and give myself little goals like putting in washing into the machine and then the dryer and then fold up the washing and that will be my one activity for the day. i have days where i cant manage even that but making small targets for myself means when i can do them i feel better in myself at the end of the day.

hope this helps a little, bet you have already tried what ive suggested but remember you arnt alone x
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Postby e777 » Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:16 pm

Don't know if you have tried it already, but on an american site I'm on some of those who have both fibro and cfs have had some really good results from taking D-ribose, which should be available from your health food shop. Even though it's herbal, its still worth checking with your pharmacist to make sure that it does not clash with any other medication you are on.

I don't have cfs, but my doc does accupuncture (a thing called tonification) which boosts my system and really helps me with energy and recovery times from doing activity.

Hope you have some improvement soon.
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Postby shazq » Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:47 pm

Could you ask your Gp to refer you to see another specialist at a different hospital to get the tablets?
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