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worried about scan results

PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 9:25 pm
by Apple54
Hi all,

I was due to go into hospital today for an open repair on an incisonal hernia in my abdomen, I have been waiting 8 weeks for the operation, on Friday my surgeon phoned me to say he could not carry out the operation he had reviewed my CT results with his team and they have decided it's not a hernia I literally have no muscle left on my right abdominal wall :-? the next stage he said would be reconstructive surgery which is major and comes with serious risks and I would need to be counselled first, I am waiting for a date to see him again so he can go through it all again with my husband present, I am also suffering from chronic leg and hip pain, so hard to get up from sitting or get out of bed, I am finding the stairs hard to manage and the pain is still there when I rest, also if I have been busy throughout the day my ankles start to swell and my legs throb, is this linked to my fibro or do you think it might be something different, I am sick of hospitals at first my CT results showed an abdominal wall cyst, then they said it was a hernia, now its caused by muscle degeneration, who do you know who, or what to believe, I am thinking of insisting on an MRI scan only had CT's so far maybe that will show a bit more. Really sick of going round in circles, and to leave me on a waiting list for 8 weeks then phone two days before the operation was a joke. :cry: Hope your all having a good as possible day x

Re: worried about scan results

PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 1:59 am
by denys
Hope they find out what is going on for you Apple, FM doesnt cause damage so it sounds as though maybe there is something else going on as well. Maybe an MRI will give you a clearer picture :fingerscrossed: