Can you get better from Fibro ?

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Can you get better from Fibro ?

Postby Iceskatemum » Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:32 am

Following a meeting in work I was asked to contact my GP and see if they would give a short & medium prognosis on how this illness would effect me. (been off for 6 month so I guess they are review thier need of me lol)

I tried to explain that from what I have read that seems an impossible feat but asked anyway.

My GP reacted the way I thought they would and hedged thier bets although they did say that in some FM seems to burn itself out and the patients eventually feels more normal . I guess if that had happened to anyone here they wouldn't still be on the forum but from the reading around the subject including scientific papers I have not come across this prognosis.

Has anybody else been made aware of this and if so do you know where I might get further reading.

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Re: Can you get better from Fibro ?

Postby *Lisa* » Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:40 am

If theres any cases were fibro burnt itself out then IMO they never had fibro in the first place as this stays for life, cannot be cured only managed to some what....
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Re: Can you get better from Fibro ?

Postby FluppyPuffy » Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:00 am

I'm of the same thoughts as Lisa ISM :-? :-? When someone has said their FM has burnt itself out, then it's possible that they didn't have it to start with.

There are a lucky few who have had things go dormant for a while, but in most cases it tends to come back in some degree at some time. Others have a cocktail of things that helps them carry on pretty much as they used to pre~FM, but again they are few and far between.

If it was liable to burn itself out, I would have thought that I would have experienced this to some degree during the number of years I've been part of the FM gang. I think it's with me for life as well, and until that magic breakthru happens, trying to control and adapt to living with it as it changes is what I see for the short, medium, and long term.
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Re: Can you get better from Fibro ?

Postby Iceskatemum » Thu Oct 11, 2012 3:06 pm

Thanks folks , I posted my query as this is the 2nd or 3rd time that this particular GP has given me this advise. In the past I was so wound up in pain /fog and newness to all of this that I probably just glazed over it and didn't think it through but in the context yesterday it really annopyed me.

I am getting hints that my work are starting to look at whether they feel I would be a future worth while member of the workforce , they had asked my GP about a short /medium and long prognosis of the illness and have another appointment on the horizon for me to go the works doctor - I guess the exit door is opening, I have a very specialist post that has a lot of demands on it and there is little way it could be changed plus I am not sure I could even do P/T at the moment if it was available.

Like many on here when not in fibro fog I still despite all of this feel young at heart & mind even if my body is about 40 years old than me!
The thought of being on the scrap heap in my late 40's early 50 is devestating. I have always worked ( first Sat job at 12) and am now the main wage earner for the family. My GP was I think of the opinion that I leave my present job , see how I go with out the stress of work for the next while and then hopefully when I feel better or the FM has burnt itself out, I see about getting a less stressful job!

Oh I wished I lived in her fairy land world! Being out of work at 50 with a chronic illness like FM I'm sure there are going to be 100's of offers of work knocking my door down in the next few years . Given I have been in the same area of work for the last 25 years would I even be qualified for any other job!

At the moment I know I am grieving for the life I thought I would be living in mt 50's but even though I know I can't help it. I still feel I am letting the family down. I keep wondering if I could do more but when I try to do very little I seem to be wrecked for hours after and into the next day.

On top of this to be told by a medic I had grown to trust as clued up on the whole FM package, that FM might burn out, when all I have read indicates this extremely unlikely. I feel totally on my own and have lost all of my trust in the medics. I know there is probably little the GP can do but the thought at least she was clued up about it all was a comfort.

With all this happening I have been lucky enough in the last few days to be able to talk to my husband and he has eventually opened up a bit. he has now read up a bit on the illness and said he finds the whole "forever" bit very scary and unsettling. We both have had quite a few period of sick in the past and I guess we have got through them OK because we have known they were for a period of time .

Its the whole unknown about this illness which I find so difficult .

I know I am not the first on here that have felt this way but it is all the changes in my life that I find so unsettling.

Thanks again for listening and sorry for ranting on.

You' re all stars with the support and advice you offer :flowers:

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Re: Can you get better from Fibro ?

Postby masonsbarms » Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:11 pm

hi ism, you are feeling like everyone on here has felt as you know,

it is all part of the prosses i supose grief anger guilt its because we are kind hearted humans,

when i was diagnosed i was told that i would always have it as there isnt at present a cure or even a known cause, and that i had to educate myself on how best to deal with it,

i know whatever i say will not stop any of your feeling of letting your family down because i think that will never totaly go because evey time we say no it rears its ugly head.
it wont help you with all the uncertanty with your job, but you are making progress with hubby and you should contimue to talk to him and him to you about both your fears and feelings as it dose help you both well thats what iv found.

im sorry you have lost faith in your gp but i think some of them are reluctant to talk long term about fm as they dont know enough.

you must not say sorry for comeing on to say how you are feeling as this is the only place where every single one of us knows where your comeing from.

now im rambleing.

hope you get somethings sorted soon and things get better for you.

take care xx
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Re: Can you get better from Fibro ?

Postby diane1 » Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:17 pm


I have seen many consultants about fibro and went to an appeal hearing with 2 consultants for my pension yesterday. I have now been told on many occasion that the prognosis depends on how long you've had the condition. I have had my condition according to my gp records for 22 years 12 of them unbeknown to me as I wasnt told. It happened to be very important though as I was told again that the longer you've had it the more likely you are to never recover unless some new cure is found. If you've had it for 5 years you are deemed to have fibro for life as it seems that some people who have had it for a short period seem to get over it. They think now it could be due to misdiagnosis. Unfortuneately this means we have to wait for a definate diagnosis.

Medication can however help us to function and I worked for 30 years , 22 of them with fibro although I had to reduce my hours etc to carry on working. So dont give up but if you feel yourself that work is too much dont struggle on its not worth it.

If you need any advice on this just put a post on or private message someone you think may be able help .
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Re: Can you get better from Fibro ?

Postby painprincess1 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 11:55 am

im going to have to give work up to , and just like u im sitting here thinking ok im 40 years old who the hell will take me on with fm.after having to leave work for the same reason , my dr is good but he seems to think u just walk out of one job and in another , how would he know he has done the same job all his life. :crazy: im going to have to get used to the fact i just cant work.xxxx big hugs and remember you have done your bit and maybe u should just look after u xxxxxxxxxxx ;-)
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