Hi all, final tests done today

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Hi all, final tests done today

Postby DonnaLily » Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:36 pm

Hi all,

I'm newly diagnosed, luckily I managed to catch a new GP in my surgery, he's quite young so I guess more likely to listen and respect Fibro, I did go to my usual GP and was told the pain is in my head and referred for a 'coping with anxiety' course which I start on friday, which is fine as ill try anything that may help, but I left feeling like I'd been totally fobbed off. I was having a good week so thought maybe he's right - but then my usual hip pain started and I realised I can't just sit here and not do anything about it - that's when I went to see this new GP and he sat and listened, I spoke about all my symptoms as a whole, and mentioned my Aunt has Fibro and I think I may have it - he actually bothered to test my pressure points and counted 15 out of the 18 causing pain, particularly the ones in my upper back/neck and hips/buttock area. He sent me for blood tests which as expected came back clear - and actually called me a week later to ask if I wanted to be referred to Physio! I asked if he had changed his mind about referral to a rheumy and he basically said I show all the symptoms etc for a diagnosis of Fibro and there was no need for a Rheumy referral.

So I have today had a second xray as I was struggling to walk a few days ago, and the rheumatoid factor blood test to kinda finalise the diagnosis.

I feel quite lucky to have caught a decent GP, and not have to fight for years like my aunt did, who is pretty much crippled up now.

It felt like a weight was lifted when he confirmed Fibro, but now it's sinking in, I'm feeling pretty cross with my body, and the thought of feeling like this potentially for the rest of my life - a constant battle against this condition, is making me feel even more anxious :(

I'm currently on Citaopram - which apparently means no tramadol (which used to really help) and I have to be careful which pain meds I take - at the moment it's just co codamol, which only takes the edge off. I'm too scared to try another SSID as I was on Fluoxitine which just made me worse.

What does everyone else take? Is there any particularly recommended meds for Fibro?

Thanks in advance

Donna x
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Re: Hi all, final tests done today

Postby isitme » Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:36 pm

i have been given tramadol in the past whilst being on citalopram.

i also take gabapentin for nerve pain, codeine, paracetamol and diclofenac and dosulepin to help me sleep at night.

have been also given stomach pain stuff recently and a migrain tablet today which helped alot.

its russian roulette which works for each so worth goijng to drs to discuss a pain management regime.

:-) :-)
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Re: Hi all, final tests done today

Postby diane1 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:46 pm

Hi Donna and :welcome:

Like you say a good GP is worth his weight in gold . Getting the diagnosis of fibro is great as you are no longer a hypercondriac you are actually Ill. BUT then the realisation hits in as to what that actually means and the euphoria goes to be replaced by anxiousness.

Like any condition it takes time to get a potion of meds that suit you as were all different. I am quite happy on the ones I have right now they arent perfect but I can cope as ive learnt to with the pain etc. Some combinations of drugs can give you horrible side effects and there are so many it takes time. So stick with it and you'll find the right cobination for you.Just dont dont expect them to be 100% effective.

Pregabalin is the latest so called "wonder drug" for fibro as it seems to help alot of people but not all. I found it to help but due to side effects i'm only allowed a small dose. I also take Dosulepin and fluoxetine as well as remediene which is the pain killer dihydrocodine.as I didnt find tramadol helped.

Physio will help you in learning how to do very gently exercises to keep your muscles working etc.You could also ask for hydrotherapy its really good but not available everywhere. Most areas also have pain clinics which you might find helpful.

Good luck and lok around the posts here for more information.

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