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Re: Useless Dr's appointment, I could scream...advice please

PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 1:42 pm
by millymoodoo
Awww bless you, it drives you mad when you cant get on top of the pain which can result in it feeling like a nightmare!!! My advice to you would be to see another gp at the practice or if that is not possible then to find a gp who will listen and try and help you with the pain!!! Of course there are other medications to try, i have been on a variety of different drugs trying to fi nd the right mix to suit me. I am pleased that you have an appointment with the pain clinic, they were a godsend for me and have advised my gp to try different medications until we found the right mix and now my pain is at a manageable level, so hopefully the pain clinic will be able to help you in the same way.

I also know how it feels with regards to biting the sides of your mouth as i do the same!!! If i bite the side of my tongue badly it turns into an ulcer and takes absoloutly weeks to go and is very painful. It could be worth seeing your dentist about this for a mouthguard which will at least protect you from biting your tongue/cheek at night. I take slow release Oxcontin 80mg twice a day for pain and Oxcodone 10mg 4 up to 4 times a day for breakthrough pain and Dehydrocodeine 60mg 4 times a day for crohn's disease pain. I am also on gabapentin 1500mg a day broken into 3 doses which is also helpful, but its the pain clinic that i have to thank for all of this. I have had injections into the tender spots on several occasions but found that did little to help but if you are offered them its worth a go who knows it may help you.

I also spend so much time sleeping day and night but i have learnt to listen to your body and to try and not work against it, though i know that is hard when you have a young family i live on my own so can really do what my body wants and that works for me!!! I dont know about doing aerobics and an hours walk that is a ludicrous suggestion and for someone with fibro an impossability, your gp obviously doesnt understand fibro so again if you can change i would!!!

I really wish you all the best with the pain clinic as i am sure they will help you, but in the meantime you can come onto this site anytime and know that we understand what you are going through and if we can help we will, but sometimes it just helps to release some tension when no one else is listening!!

Take care and gentle hugs
Milly xxx :-)