Very upset after physio

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Very upset after physio

Postby Mumihippo » Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:08 pm

Hi there, I read here alot but don't post. But I'm so upset after my physio today, I need someone that understands. I'm fed up feeling so alone. My first appointment last week seemed to go well and I returned today with high hopes but left in tears. After she did all her tests she said that I was only perceiving my numbness and pain and that my reflexes were all normal. She told me to go swimming and walk everyday, going a few extra minutes each time. I cannot dress myself some days.
I have such weakness on my arms that I cannot even cut cheese or wash my own hair. How am I meant to go swimming?????!! She said I would just have to get past the fatigue.
If I'm in need of a reality check please give me one. I am
Aware how negative I must sound saying I can't do this and I can't do that.
Is it just in my head?
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Re: Very upset after physio

Postby masonsbarms » Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:37 pm

hi, please do not let anyone make you think its not real it may be in our heads as some test are showing problems in our brains,

so yes its someting wrong in our heads but what we suffer is the real affects of it,

im sorry you seem to have come into contact with someone who dosent know what she is talking about,

my rhumy tested all my reflexes and they where fine but he said that dosent prove anything with regards the numb ness or pain.
you are not being negative about things you are just saying how things are with you and wanting some support that we all want and need sometimes,

i know they say to exercise but it has to be something you can deal with

did you go alone as i take my hubby to all my appointments as he can back me up if needed and can pull whoever up and tell them what they know we can and cant do.

if you feel you cant see this one again ask if you can see someone else ,

but never never let them make you feel bad.

take care and hope things get better xx
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Re: Very upset after physio

Postby *Lisa* » Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:41 pm

I can help you here as iv been thro many NHS physios/sessions and i see a private senior physiotherapist regularly who also works for the NHS and attatched to the rhumatologists who sees a number of fibros daily.

First off the NHS physiotherapists in many hospitals have a regime for fibro patients and thats mainly stretching exercises a chat on pacing and exercising and then they strike you off unless your lucky to have a hospital whos funding differ and can give you better options like refer you to hydrotherapy.

I have been told many times by NHS staff that they **do not fund illnesses they cannot cure** which is why were struck off and left to fend for ourselves.

NHS try to avoid hands on therapy and mainly concentrate on checking your reflexes and stretching exercises.

Now did this physio check for weakness like asking you to push/pull against there hands? did she check for any swelling or stiffness? or feel around the joints? Oh and my reflexes are fine but i have real bad weakness.

Swimming they feel with strengthen the muscles and help the weakness which is why i would imagine she said that BUT they have to see you *overall* and discuss if you are able to achieve this and if not think of other ways like exercises.

I cannot do swimming so my physio has worked out an exercise plan for my leg. I have to sit on the edge of a bed/chair and lift my leg up X amount of times a day to help strengthen the muscle, and other ones written down for me.

I feel this physio has given you the text book way instead of going by your personal situation and not given you a thorough examination.

Did the rhuemi/GP refer you to physio?
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Re: Very upset after physio

Postby Mumihippo » Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:08 pm

Thanks for replying. I was referred by gp. My rheumatologist saw me once to diagnose me then discharge me. I was only left seeing the neurologist who referred me to pain team and cbt. The lady I see is lovely but obviously just doesn't understand the condition. I already push myself to the absolute max as I have 2 small children to look after so I can't really afford to make myself completely bed ridden but taking on yet more stressful activity. I see her 2rw again and don't know what to say to her. I went there for help, not just to be told to exercise. Is it worth sticking at or is physio just not the right thing to do?
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Re: Very upset after physio

Postby denys » Thu Nov 29, 2012 3:59 pm

I would give it a few more goes before writing it off completely, but explain again your problems with what she has told you to do. If she wont listen ask if there is another physio you could see who may be a little more sympathetic

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