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My medical records

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 1:12 pm
by lolabolla
Hi everyone,

I've requested my medical records from my GP and from the hospital that has been involved in my care.

I'm fighting to get my pension, but that's another story :roll: :roll: :roll:

Anyway, practice manager has just phoned to say they are ready for me to collect.

She also wanted to know why I was requesting them etc.

Further to a brief discussion she tells me that my records only go back to 1976 and that this is when I registered with the practice.

NO no no :nono: :nono: :nono: I tell her, I was registered there as a child, going back to at least 1968 which is when we moved address.

Did she believe me...NO....I must be mistaken... NO....buggah!

Now I know fibro fog can seriously affect us but to lose 8 years of my memory ffs.

So she advised that I get in touch with the Primary Care Trust for my area.

So after another conversation with another obnoxious jobsworth I was informed that I was registered in 1968..........yes I know that for goodness sake, can you email my GP's with that have to write to us for that information.

That's all well and good but I am now quite worried as to where my records are from 1968 to 1976, I want all my records.

Anyone else had any problems like this, can anyone advise what elso I should do.

Lola xx

Re: My medical records

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:56 pm
by lolabolla
Does anyone have any information for me please.

Lola xx

Re: My medical records

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:05 pm
by Iceskatemum
Hi Lola , sorry I can't really help as I haven't ever asked for my health records but prior to computerisation I understood that your records where physically at the GP practice ( those little card index thingies they used to write in??). I remember not long after I joined my current practice a GP once pulling mine all out of the envelope and being able to check something from soon after my birth.

I would imagine that if they are not at your surgery they would be in a central NHS storage place, which might obviously add time to teh request for copies . Just curious but how much did it cost for you to get your records as it is very likely I may need mine soon and on asking was just told that the price various depending on how long you want to go back.

Re: My medical records

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:17 pm
by lolabolla
Hi Icem,

Thanks for replying,

It costs £50 for a printed version or if you wish you can go to the surgery to 'look' at your notes which costs £10.

What I can't get over is that the practice manager was insisting that I registered there in 1976 when I was 16, even though my elderly mum was sisting in the same room as me and she told her we registered in the 60's but she still refused to believe us.

My son is home from uni for a couple of days and he reads into all these conspiracy theries etc.

He has read and firmly believes that the government are destroying our childhood medical records for some ulterior motive.

The Jimmy Saville saga springs to mind :yikes:

Lola xx

Re: My medical records

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 11:38 pm
by denys
mmmmmnnn I have my doubts about that :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? :-? I think you just have encountered someone who cant use the computer properly, it could be that your records for the missing period have just not been transferred to the electronic system.

Re: My medical records

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 1:32 am
by lolabolla
Thanks for answering Denys.

After phoning the local hospital they too have told me that they only have my records going back to 1984 which is when I had my first son.

But as a child I had numerous broken bones, torn ligaments and sprained wrists and ankles etc and there is no record going back that far.

I'm sure if I just pinch myself I just may wake up and it's all just a been a silly dream that I'm having :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

Lola xx

Re: My medical records

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 10:34 am
by fibro-lu
hi Lola,
i'm so sorry to hear you have to take yet another blip :too-upset:

could well be that the older records are still on paper and nobody was bothered to update onto computer

hope someone will find them quickly and give you a big appology and hand over to you your request free of charge charge of course :flowers:
bad enough our brain fogs away, our records shouldn't :nono:
maybe "they" update old records only on demand i.e. when someone requests them :pcsmash:
wish you all the best

Re: My medical records

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:15 pm
by Flash
I'm inclined to go along with Denys and fibro-lu. I know that my surgery don't have some info on computer, they have to refer to the old brown wallets. No government would get away with destroying all our records. They can be accessed, it just takes more effort.

If you had a lot of problems, as you mentioned, your G.P should be able to refer to it. Follow up on retreiving your records, you should get to them in the end.

I was told that the only reason you can be stopped from seeing your records is if you are deemed mentally unfit to view them, or are not responcible for your self.

You'll get there...

Re: My medical records

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:58 pm
by lolabolla
After having words yet again, this time with the practice manager, she has also confirmed that they do not have anything going back further than 1976.

My elderly mothers records only go back as far as 1976.

My dear late fathers records go back to...............wait for it 1976, he died in 2004.

So there you go, they have no idea where our previous records are :yikes:

Nothing else can be done apparently!

I was told that we registered with Dr Cubbon in 1976 but they have nothing from befor this date.

Dr cubbon was a new GP to the practice and the two older GP's 'shared' their patients out with him.

I feel like hitting my head against a brick wall.

The practice have said take it or leave it as there is nothing else that they can or are prepared do. She said that if my records before 1976 were not 'remarkable' they would not have been included this information in with the computerised records.

I feel so angry and frustrated that I am being treated so unfairly and that they are ignoring the distress that this has caused me.

The practice manager gave me the impression that I had upset her admin team, sod their feelings, what about mine.

So it would appear that they can do just what they want with your files, it beggers belief.

So angry now Lola xx

Re: My medical records

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 12:21 pm
by Flash
If I were you I'd get on to the NHS some how, there has to be an avenue you can go down to find out what has happened to you records. You said you had fractures and sprains when you were younger. That SHOULD have been added to your computer records without question. This would infuriate me. Sorry I can't advise you of the best move to make but someone must know.

I hope you get answers soon.

Re: My medical records

PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:25 pm
by fibro-lu
someone must know
you were born, had your first check ups etc
measles etc
don't know where to find this info
but think that this info is very important for the government etc
all I say is: George Orwell, 1984
good luck

Re: My medical records

PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:00 pm
by denys
They have to keep the old paper records, I was under the impression that when you died the old records were then sent to the NHS central bit kept for so long and then destroyed (might be wrong :?: :?: :?: :?: ) but they have to be able to pull up the old paper records, our surgery does.

The hospital wont have records before the computerised one as all the info is central and they will be pulling up the same info that your docs have :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

Re: My medical records

PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:23 pm
by lolabolla
Hi Denys thanks for answering

I have even contacted PALS and they have looked into this for me.

After they contacted the surgery they were told that the records just don't exist.

I am beyond frustrated but I will take this further believe me.

I may change G.P's as I am so upset and feel so let down by the very people that we should trust.

Lola xx

Re: My medical records

PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:31 pm
by ouchisme
hi lollabolla

I'm so sorry that you are having a hard time trying to get the missing parts of your medical records. Just a quick q from me to you. Can any1 request to see their medical records or do you need the permission only if a legal/DWP/tribunal etc is involved?

hope you we chat again soon

Re: My medical records

PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:35 pm
by lolabolla
Thanks Ouch :-D

Yes love, anyone can see their own records you just have to ask at the surgery, they will print off a request form that you must be complete.

Depending on whether you just want to see them or have them printed will determine how much you have to pay

Lola xx