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Re: Abuse by GP

Postby caz59uk » Tue Jan 01, 2013 3:16 pm

Hi Lisa, I know you posted your experiences on the forum a few weeks ago but I have only just seen it. I had a very negative experience with a GP at our surgery. I had previously seen a physicians assistant at the surgery and been prescribed Diazapan. Like you this made me very tired but did nothing about the pain. I then made another appointment and went to see the doctor. When I walked into his room he didn't even look up. I explained about the pain and he was already doing a prescription before I had finished explaining what was going on. He prescribed subligual Buprenorphine but didn't explain what this was.I started taking it but it made me feel really ill and depressed. I had told my husband how the doctor had treated me and he phone to speak to the doctor about this. The doctor obviously realised he had treated me badly as he spoke to me and apologised. He then made me an appointment with another doctor. Eventually I was introduced to a doctor at our practice who was a rheumatologist. Since seeing him I have been prescribed Gabapentin and my pain meds have been adjusted. It hasn't really helped that much but at least I feel there's a doctor I can talk to. I hope this helps (and makes sense) Caz
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