Appointment with Pain Consultant in Walsall Manor Hospital..

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Appointment with Pain Consultant in Walsall Manor Hospital..

Postby Beowulf1976 » Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:29 am

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say that I went to see the Pain Consultant on Wednesday 2nd January.

Quite a good appointment really, the only downside was that alongside sleep and pain medication, he suggested the dreaded "graded exercise", now correct me if I am wrong, haven't I heard Fibro people saying that is the worst thing we can do? Or does it depend on the individual in question? (Or is that ME that is negatively affected by GE? )

Medication-wise he is writing to my doc to ask her to put me back on Amitriptyline, increase my morphine again and introduce Gabapentin or Pregabalin, depending on which the budget allows... this has made me very happy because when I was on Pregabalin before, they were really helping, my old doc took me off them because of the cost! The morphine was helping with my Osteo-Arthritis, so it will be good to re-increase that. The Amitriptyline was helping me get a good night sleep, so it will be good to have that back again. :-)

As stated previously, the only thing scaring me is the graded exercise! However, with being at the lowest of my low currently, I am willing to try absolutely ANYTHING to get some sort of life back!

Currently my life consists of lying or sitting propped up in my riser/recliner chair, either sleeping or just lying/sitting here on my tablet or phone, occasionally doing my favourite crafting, when my energy and pain levels allow, but most of the time wishing I could curl up and die. I am literally only moving out of the chair to venture on my stairlift up to the loo! I'm even sleeping in my chair thanks to our cream crackered mattress that we currently cannot afford to replace lol

Mr De was very concerned to see the results of my pain questionnaire, showing mostly all the answers being 10 as absolutely worst case scenario, including the way it affects my sleep etc....

I'm just hoping that my extreme muscular weakness and numbness in my extremeties, is down to hardly moving around, and nothing far sinsister and yet to be diagnosed....

So, all in all, he provided me with a source of light at the end of the 6 year long dark tunnel I have been crawling helplessly along....

I have to try whatever the physio suggests, and change medication around to suit and hopefully get my sleep cycles back, then and only then will things improve, so he says. :-)

Wish me luck Guys, I will continue to document my progress.

Oh yes, if I haven't already told you, my current diagnoses are as follows:

Severe ME,
Meniere's Disease,
Degenerative Disc Disease, (MRI confirmed)
Hypermobility Syndrome,
Pernicious Anaemia,
Short and Long Term Memory Loss,
Dual incontinence and Urinary Retention, (urinary incontinence and retention being investigated in Feb at VDU Urodynamics testing at New Cross Hospital)

Currently Undiagnosed (if not part of dx problems):

Severe muscle weakness,
Limb numbness,
Cause of dual incontinence and retention...

I'm sure that I have probably forgotten something important, but that will do for now. :-)

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Re: Appointment with Pain Consultant in Walsall Manor Hospital..

Postby shazq » Fri Jan 04, 2013 7:01 pm

I know most of us can find exercise hard due to the pain we suffer but as long as you try to do what you can to stop your muscles stiffening up than thats good. A little stroll up and down your garden or even a few stretches in your chair can help.

They should know that we are not up to jogging or joining a gym :nono: I struggle to get up my stairs so that is a workout in itself for me thats why i had a down stairs loo installed. :lol: :lol:

Try not to worry, you are poorly so its understandable you are unable to exercise. :hugs:
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