GPs' conflicting advice

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GPs' conflicting advice

Postby countyfan » Mon Jan 07, 2013 10:42 pm


Am feeling so messed up at the moment! Have been trying to sort out some alternative to taking Dosulepin and Prozac. I was advised by One GP that the combination was OK but am no longer feeling any beneficial effects. Anyway-to cut a long story short- my preferred GP gave me a schedule to come off Dosulepin slowly over Christmas, which I did with a fair amount of trauma but finally succeeded! However, in order to be put on Cymbalta, which she recommends, I was told to slowly stop taking the Prozac 20mg, which I had been on for much longer..I missed out a tablet on Saturday and then today, aiming towards 2 days in between by next week and finally 3 days, so that in 3 weeks I should be off them altogether. However, whilst trying to put a new wall planner up at work today, I had a dizzy spell and fell off the kick stool, that I was (Quite rightly) using. I got an emergency appointment with the on-call GP at my practice and she contradicted the previous GP's advice, saying that I was doing it too quickly and should have been prescribed 10mg to take every day for a week! I feel that now I have got through 3 days of only taking one every other day, I don't won't to go back to taking one a day for even longer (albeit a lower dose)
Does anyone else get conflicting advice from different GP's in the same practice? I also had a problem where on GP prescribed Diazepam when my neck muscles seized up and the next time it happened (about 3 month later) another GP said 'we don't prescribe Diazepam for muscle spasms at this surgery' but I have since been prescribed it for acute sciatica by the first GP!??
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Re: GPs' conflicting advice

Postby denys » Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:18 am

Speak to the practise manager and explain how all this contradictory advice is making you feel, they should have a code of practice that they all follow, however I would have thought going to a lower dose tablet then missing days out would have been a better idea, hope you didnt hurt yourself falling off the kick stool :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

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Re: GPs' conflicting advice

Postby Iceskatemum » Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:46 am

Oh hope you didn't hurt yourself in the fall .

Been on Anti D for years and so have been on and off different ones at various times.
From memory I went down from my final prescribed dose of anti D to the lowest strength tablet before I tried coming off them . I think I even did that in stages for the Prozac after having terrible time coming off previous anti D - serocate.

So if prescription was say 30 mg - Week 1 = reduce to 20mg . Week 2 = towards end week 2 start reducing to 10mg Week 3 = towards end of wk 3 slowly reduce so that by end of wk 4 down to 0

I know it took sometime but the side effects were much less than other times I have tried to come off anti D's. I seem to have bad reactions both coming on & coming off various meds

Most drugs have a length of time they stay in your body . . I don't think if your where to have a blood test it would find no prozac in your system so going up to 10mg would keep your mood stabilised and let you get used to the new doses with out all the side effects you might other wise get from going so down the strengths so quickly .

Hope you get what I mean. :oops: ...... sometimes I think I 've explained things but OH says I have made it more complicated :crazy: :crazy:

Best have another chat with your GP and see if they can explain the different prescription regimes between GP's.

Good luck
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