Doctor who?

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Doctor who?

Postby buxbunny » Thu Jan 31, 2013 3:42 am

My GP is a **** to say the least. Firstly sent my Partner over with my claim and asked for detail medical report to send off with my claim only to have the receptionist go through my pack in front my partner asking so many questions and seeing so much about my condition and myself is just so invasive. Also way the reception is positioned and their volume whole surgery would know my business. They said wouldnt pass it on till i come in myself to explain it.

Called in to be told probably have to pay to get it done.

Thanks to brain barr i got a copy off a medical records thicker than a harry potter novel but what truly magical is the omission of information. I know i have Fibrofog and makes it difficult remember dates and times even events but im pretty sure i've seen him more 3 times since January and no mention of telephone consultations or time I practically begged him to refer him to see someone about my medical state .

Called up following week to speak directly to GP see what happening. He point blank told me not giving me a medical report as i do not need one and if benefits office want one they will write to him directly. I explained the situation and that last time they still refused with his last report and that detailed one would help me greatly. He said his been filling out forms for years and had 100 patients so he know what his doing. I tried to ask about omission from my medical report and he said unless he can see what talking about he cant comment but as im in really bad way and weather condition outside i''m unable to attend. His response was if you don't want to come in than its up to you...

I'm pretty sure i would love to go in everyday skid across the snow and do a series of backflips to his office and end with a back hand spring half turn pike air flip...

At the moment Surgery down the the road but would need taxi every time i go in. As applying for benefits i want wait before changing as its better the devil i know but one further down the road has excellent reviews (got to love the internet) but unsure if i should call them up first and see what doctor think about FMS.
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Re: Doctor who?

Postby shazq » Fri Feb 01, 2013 8:00 pm


Some gp receptionist can be so difficult and nosy :evil: dont think she should have read it. :evil:

I know some docs do charge for letters, i think it just depends on the doc.

You could call up the other surgery and ask to speak to the practice manager and ask if the gp has any other fibro patients on their lists to find out if they are clued up on fibro first. :goodluck1:
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Re: Doctor who?

Postby ROSE123 » Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:18 am

I agree receptionists at GPs should remember their place and try and not talk down to patients :-x
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