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Postby clsmbenn » Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:27 pm

Been to drs this morning to tell him the carbamazepine (however u spell it) aint working etc and told him about my rheumy visit last week.

was took a back and said my back was the red herring???? mmmmm new one on me.

anyway i am getting referred to pain management again (they couldnt help last time, so hopefully new diagnose they can help this time)
also being referred to pain management group as they might be able to help. not sure, but will try anything if it might help with this pain.
referred occupational health to see if they can adapt my house to help with everything.

oh and not forgetting, i am also being referred to get my hands tested for carpal tunnel. wonder if they want to refer me anywhere else. :lol:

in meantime have to keep taking my morphine (which dont help) and paracetamol (which dont help).

any ideas on how to control the pain or at least ease it would be great, but please dont refer me to anyone as am doing enough of that at the moment :crazy:

sorry for the rant, but it stressing me out. :pull-hair:
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Re: Doctors

Postby Iceskatemum » Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:26 pm

Pity you can't get a referal to a nice hotel with spa facilities and lovely sunny pool area. That might do the trick and reduce the pain anyway.

Take care and hope everything goes ok. can appreciate how tiring and stressful the who hospital thing can be.
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Re: Doctors

Postby clsmbenn » Tue Mar 19, 2013 1:31 pm

thank u. x

think we all could one way or another :-D
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Re: Doctors

Postby LouLou » Tue Mar 19, 2013 2:52 pm

hi clsmbenn

WOW that's a lot of referrals. Ina way yu are lucky that your Gp is being quite proactive but I know how frustrating it can feel when you are rushing here there and everywhere having to see all these specialists, explain your whole history and symptoms over and over again it does get stressfull.

I was tested for carpal tunnel - nothing to worry about there they just attach some pads to various nerve points and then send signals through the nerves and track whether they get to the right point. It doesn't hurt just feels very very weird. I found out there and then that I didn't have it so fingers crossed you will find out and not have to traipse all over the place for results.

In terms of suggestions which may help, it's taken me a good year to get myself a routine and find things that really help me. We are all so different that what may work for some won't work for others. I've listed just a few things that help me below, the "Help/Tips on coping" section is an amazing library of tips and things people have tried and tested so take a look there when you can:

1. Warm bath first thing in the morning - I still work so this helps loosen me up and ease my pain.
2. Warm bath just before bed - use lavender bubble bath, shower gel etc - this helps me drop off to sleep at bedtime.
3. Hot water bottles/microwave wheat thingies (sorry don't know the correct name) on areas causing you a lot of pain.
4. Aromatherapy massage - I know some people with FM can't stand being touched or having any sort of pressure applied but I find this type of massage has really helped the pain. My mum is fully qualified so I get one every week for an hour and the effects are instant for me. If you do try this make sure whoever you see knows about your condition and is willing to work with you regarding the amount of pressure they apply.
5. Take some time out each day for you - do something you really enjoy like read, listen to the radio - something that makes you relax.

There are more things but I'm a bit foggy at the moment lol. I hope that helps you.

Good Luck with all your appointments!
What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger ;-)
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Re: Doctors

Postby clsmbenn » Tue Mar 19, 2013 3:03 pm

thank u so much loulou,

i try some of these, but not too much avail. i suppose it just takes time and try different things to see what suits u.

i love x stitching, but am struggling to do that with my hands being swollen and painful, but i do try and persevere as i find that does help me to relax and stop stressing. :lol:

thank again for the advice, when up to it, will try and read more on coping and tips etc.

gentle hugs to u all :elephant:
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