At the end of my tether

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At the end of my tether

Postby angeldidmoo » Tue Jun 04, 2013 5:51 pm

Hiya I haven't posted on here before just been observing in the background.
I was diagnosed with FM and TMJD just before Christmas but have had chronic daily headaches for 4 years along with the fatigue, joint pain, tender points etc. I had the headaches checked out a couple of years ago with a great GP who did loads of blood tests and referred me to a Neurologist. I had an MRI which was normal and all the blood tests. Then I got the " Don't know what else to do "
So I carried on struggling for a few years without medical "help" and changed my diet and lost 2 stone (down to a size 16) and it made no difference to the pain.
Last March I had horrendous ear pain and decided to go to the doctors, referred to ENT and diagnosed with TMJD.
A couple of months ago I saw a different GP. He sent me on loads of blood tests a couple of weeks ago as I explained I'd had some done before and was then cut loose when there is no obvious answer. He was really nice and listened. Suggested de-stressing and losing weight (I put back what I'd lost previously, back to size 20). He said he would refer me on once we had the results.
Just spoken to my GP who said all my blood test results can back normal which means he isn't going to refer me to a Rheumotologist and I'm back to square one.
He pointed out I do have 4 kids and I'm over weight so maybe if I found a way to de-stress and relax and lost some weight, that may help.
I responded that I had lost 2 stone since the headaches and that made no difference, I've had to half my working hours to 10 a week and that's made no difference and I've cut other things out too and guess difference.
I said, yet again, I've had a GP who has been great and thorough with tests and investigations yet when the "normal" results come back, they give up.
I still have the constant pain but no one is suggesting anything new and I'm completely fed up with it.
Taking my life has been in my thoughts a great deal. What do I have to do to get something done?!?
Sorry for the rant, I've just had enough :cry:
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