Nhs cost cutting consultant forced to let me go

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Nhs cost cutting consultant forced to let me go

Postby dinkydoo » Wed Jul 17, 2013 11:17 am

Hi all i was under a really nice female consultant at chapel allerton hospital in leeds rheumatology department.
This was last year on my last visit october i think i was told by my consultant that the nhs were making a cost cutting exercise,
and she had been told to remove people off her list who didnt fit the rheumatology criteria and as fibro is neither rhemy or neuro and
the fact there was no cure for fibro i was taken off her list and left to see my own gp who has little knowledge of fibro considering i was diagnosed with severe fibro and have other illness which has left me in a wheel chair the medication im on is for fibro as they wont treat my other illness untill my fibro is under controll please!!!
I am know at the point ive had enough i wasnt depressed before i am know and angry no one will listen it takes 2 weeks to see my gp
and if i see any others they look at me as if im stupid.
When i go to bed in the morning around 2 am most days i just fidgit and yes i cry its my only release this illness and the other ones have taken over my life and as hard as i fight it comes and bites back i wish know i hadnt had a hysterectomy 5 years ago after that i went from full time work in the nhs to wheelchair bound and 24/7 in my office i call it looking out of my window watching the world go by or crafting which helps a lot.
many thanks for reading sorry to have gone on folks.
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Re: Nhs cost cutting consultant forced to let me go

Postby *Lisa* » Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:48 pm

Unfortunatly we do seem to get the bad deal out of the NHS when it comes to funding.

I myself have been told many a time that NHS does not fund physiotherapy for fibro's
(you get your 6 sessions then struck off) even tho i respond to there treatment and its my *drug* so to speak to keep me some what mobile even tho im still extrememly limited but not having physio would result in horific consequences.

This i have to pay for privatly now to be able to get around / breathe / open jaw and help prevent muscle spasms that dibiltate me for months.

The reason?.. because fibro is an illnes that cannot be cured! were wasting NHS money :-|

This is also why 99% of us get discharged from the Rhumatologist and put under the care of our GP

I wrote a letter expressing my disgust to Pete Lilley the conservative MP whom is my area MP but he forwarded it on to the MP of health. The response was they had no clue as to why NHS were refraining from giving me treatment and that i was entitled to it! Well that just showed me they are completely oblivious to how the NHS spend there money :roll:

Then the governement expects disabled people to work but not fund there care :?: :crazy: madness.

So i do feel we are bottom of the bag when it comes to support and so finding an understanding GP becomes the key to our life.

Has the consultant sent letters to your GP about treatment and how to help your condition?: they should and normaly do. If the GP canot manage your conditions then they will have to re refer you.
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Re: Nhs cost cutting consultant forced to let me go

Postby denys » Wed Jul 17, 2013 11:35 pm

Sorry to hear you have been put into this position, as Lisa has said many of us are discharged back to our GP's but generally with advice on how to treat us. Keep fighting its all we can do, cos if we dont its a case of lying down and not getting up again :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

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Re: Nhs cost cutting consultant forced to let me go

Postby Misscheekywalls » Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:58 am

Hi Lisa thanks for advice I need to do the same and contact my local MP as I have been badly treated by the nhs....I've been seen be two consultants at chapel Allerton under rhumy but never could help long term and sent me to seacroft for pain management service, I was seen once there and diagnosed with fibro. I already knew...he was very good told me to research the best I could as this would help me. Then sent me on my way....no second appointment & won't see me know as they don't treat fibro!!! Typical how can they diagnosis and not see me again???? Consultants state I can be GP lead!
Not one GP has been able to manage me & have no clue on fibro...it's a brick wall everywhere I turn :(

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Re: Nhs cost cutting consultant forced to let me go

Postby whoami » Mon Dec 09, 2013 3:26 am

Sadly it seems that this scenario is not only in the Uk. I am on a US forum also and they seem to have a terrible time with Dr's, getting meds or treatment. They have no health service at all so they pay for everything.

Sometimes I wonder how Dr's feel when they can't help a patient. When nothing they offer works for the patient what else can they do? They can't pull out a rabbit. I wonder if we are too hard on medical staff. I know my friend takes it very personally when she can't treat a patient and make them feel better.

It is frustrating for us to be discharged and not cured or given any new options. This illness is...I can't think of a word to describe it. All we can do is to try everything that is offered. Be open to new ideas.

When there seems to be nothing left to try then we can't blame others. I can understand not only NHS but others worldwide for cutting out some treatments. It comes down to spending money on what is proven to work for people. We just happen to be in a group of illnesses that right now doesn't seem to be understood. It doesn't make us feel any better considering what we are going through.

I guess I try to look at the positive and let the negative go. Having spent time at the cancer unit I have seen people in agony well past the 10 on the scale. They are sent home with nothing. There is nothing that can help them. but they have to live with the symptoms.

Dealing with fibro is hell. I can relate with everyone here. We have to hang on to the things that help us get through the day. If we have meds that help a little it is better than nothing. It does not help for us to stress over what is out of our control.

We need to tell our medical care workers exactly how we feel. We need to educate people on our symptoms. We need to be honest to Dr's, direct with the facts. Ask questions and ask for answers.

Some people may not agree with me, that's ok. We can only hope that a cure or a med/treatment will give everyone a better life.

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Re: Nhs cost cutting consultant forced to let me go

Postby julesleics » Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:19 am

I think it is getting wide spread. I had a similar thing whereby rheumatology discharged me as I do not fit into their bracket of a rheum patient. I have had a fight on my hands to get help as the gps didn't want to know but I did get a referral to pain clinic which was quite good but the doctor there explained that they could get some meds sorted etc but then i would have to be discharged into gp care as unfortunately with fibro there is not a great deal they can do.

Physio you are only allowed 6 sessions here now and then you are discharged. I think a lot is to do with funding and also because they are limited in what they can actually do. I was told it is a case that you do have to try and learn to live with your illness and manage it as best as you can and there is no cure unfortunately.

I think the worse thing is that you get so down and when you feel there is no support out there then you feel like is it all worth it and you get into a spiral then of depression.

The problem as well is a lot of gps don't really understand fibro and I suppose to an extent there is nothing much they can do but that doesn't make us feel any better.
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