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New Doctor

PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2013 1:28 pm
by _Holistica
My GP diagnosed me the other year instead of sending me for a third opinion, I was diagnosed nearly ten years ago in Cambridge by a specialist. It's crazy I went through 8 years of being told it was growing pains, and all it took was one skinny ass doctor to tell me I was over weight (apparently should have been 9 stone.. I would have looked ill.. was generally 10-10.5 stone and looked healthy) that was causing the pain (I had bloods taken for osteoarthritis by another dr but saw this one for the results), and me to say... how does me being over weight affect my wrists and elbows for her to refer me to a specialist. It took him two seconds to diagnose me and another minute or so to write out a prescription, tell me to see him in six months and talk to my GP in the mean time.

Well the meds made me worse, didn't get much help from the GP so went the holistic route and that worked for a time, I had to move home and so from my network of therapists. I asked to see another specialist nearer home, which it wasn't but not as far as Cambridge. Their diagnosis was that I didn't know how to sleep and so should see a sleep nurse at their location.. didn't think that was safe to drive there get shown how to sleep and drive back home. Didn't like their diagnosis but left it as I no longer had it.

Well that was until I had to have an emergancy operation for a abscess on my cocyx that had to be drained.. it took six months for it to fully heal and for me to be comfortable walking the 1.5 miles to work and sitting on my ass all day.. went back on a staggered return but felt soo tired, more than I thought I should have been, so I went to my GP (thankfully my employer allows us private medical insurance) and asked to be referred to a specialist for a third opinion. He said there was no point and he will diagnose me know, cause he will have to do all the work anyway, so poked and prodded then said yup I'm on the scale oh nd here's a load of blood tests that you need to have taken. Come back once we have them. And so now on Amtryptaline..

My issue is that this Dr works part time, I have to call up on the day to get an appointment with him cause he is so blooming popular. I got ran over in march.. blooming car went up my leg like it was a ramp, trapping the other leg underneath, with my usual Dr not available and me being in some pain I had to see another dr.. he was foreign and I couldn't really understand him, he was very nice and seemed to have a great knowledge of Fibro... but if I can't understand the Dr I don't feel comfortable seeing him..

My issue is, that my physio has said get an xray of the other foot which has never been looked at.. or with Private health get referred and see if they can do a complete scan so he knows how hard he can push me in the sessions because if there was a break somewhere he doesn't want to make it worse.. Both my ankle ligaments have been damaged and so my balance isn't that brilliant.. so on top of trying to remember to do exercises given to me along with having the energy to do them I also had the issue of falling over and smashing one of my knees up (it's numb well half of it is) so I couldn't really do anything as that just wasn't having any of it along with the walking I do.. so I really want to ask to be referred to have a full body scan and know what pain is from the car accident and other accident and what pain is fibro (any area that doesn't have damaged tissue I'm guessing) BUT I don't know if to do this whilst introducing myself to a newish GP or go to my usual and ask this and then introduce myself to another GP another time..

I have a GP in mind who actually over saw my recovery from the emergancy surgery.. he was great and kept asking each month he signed another dr's note how I am doing and I should keep looking up but if it does start to get me down that I'm not healing then to go see him.. BUT when I went to him over having to be rushed into hospital whilst on holiday with suspected heart attack.. and to come back and get checked out as there is heart disease in the family he dismissed me having any chance of having hadone due to the fact I was still so young..

I don't know any of the other drs there apart from one I will not go to even if she is the last one on earth to help me not die.. she told me to take more anti biotics the day my mum rushed me into A&E and I had the emergancy op to remove the abscess.. along with saying to come back once a suspected tumour had grown... okay so it ended up not being a tumour but it did look like the ne I had removed from the other arm and it was linked into a nerve I'm sure with the wy it hurt..

What do I do? I'm working from home tomorrow in hope that I can get a appointment and I can get there incase it is a 'you can have the next appointment in two minutes' kind of thing.. Do I go to my usual GP who knows all about this or go to another Dr and say 'Hi, I have this and this has happened to me so can you please refer me to a specialist as my insurance has already given me clearance they jst need you to do your thing.. thanks..'??????

Re: New Doctor

PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:35 am
by denys
If I were you I would go and see the one who knows the most about your case, reason being the new one will not have the time to read all of your notes during your appointment and see the new one once you have the results of the scan just my opinion though.

Re: New Doctor

PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:52 am
by _Holistica
Hi Denys

The choice has been taken out of my hands my usual Dr is on long term sick :-( so new Dr it is.... 9:40 appointment so wil see how it goes :-s

Re: New Doctor

PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 10:41 am
by _Holistica
Well new Dr is a keeper I think... he is a hypnotherpiast and understands where I am from... never thought I would come out of a Dr's with a prescription and a hypnosis CD fo pain relief oh and it also has something on there to help sleep...