Feeling Like a Hypochrondriac

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Feeling Like a Hypochrondriac

Postby vikkig » Sun Sep 29, 2013 8:16 am

I was diagnosed earlier this year with fms and I must admit my GP was helpful in getting there, she was the 1st one that listened to all the symptoms (that I could remember having on a regular basis) as a whole not separately and agreed when I asked could it be fibro. I'm currently taking only Tramadol and Naproxen when pain gets so bad I can't function. I found I don't think I get side effects from the Tramadol as the list of side effects is more like a checklist of my symptoms :yikes: lol.
Now I find myself developing worsening symptoms, or realising certain symptoms could be other condions in and of themselves. So my question is does anyone have any advice on how to say I think I might have these other condions without sounding like I've just looked up a list of possible linked problems and picked a bunch of them and decided I have them? The symptoms have always kinda been there but now getting worse and I'm just starting to feel a bit like a hypochondriac. Also is there a point at which you stop telling the dr your symptoms because its feels quicker to say what isn't wrong?
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Re: Feeling Like a Hypochrondriac

Postby FluppyPuffy » Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:15 pm

We'd never suggest that there is a point where you stop telling your GP about new, changing or worrying symptoms as these things could well be completely unrelated to FM, being indicators to another problem that needs investigating before a definite answer about them can be given.

With things feeling like they are worsening, as well as thinking that symptoms could be other problems/conditions, talking to your GP about it all would probably be a good thing to do. With FM, it's not unusual to find yourself thinking and worrying about all sorts of things. It's also not unusual to find that anxiety can tag along with FM, which adds even more fuel to the fire in your head that these unhelpful thoughts have ignited. A few of us on here have it in our collection of pawlynesses.

It might be worth talking to your GP about what you have said here because, if they think it could be a possible change/development in things for you, they could have some ideas about helpful treatments for you.
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