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Postby Genie65 » Sun Oct 06, 2013 2:21 pm

Anyone tried mindfulness based cognitive therapy. It is said to help with fibro and many other conditions. There is a book which I have found really helpful which comes with a CD of meditation and I do think it is really worth trying. I don't know if it is coincidence but I have felt less pain since I .started and completed the eight week course which can be done at home at whatever time suits you. It is lifetime practice which I plan to do;just doing the meditation really help. Also founded on solid scientific proof, not airy -fairy at all and not religious either.

Would like to hear others' experiences.
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Re: mindfulness

Postby FluppyPuffy » Sun Oct 06, 2013 5:05 pm

Altho not actually based on mindfulness, I had a number of CBT~based therapy sessions a few years ago and mindfulness was one of the areas we covered.

I found that I dwelt far too much on the past, and worried unnecessarily about the future, so learning how to stay in the moment, accepting how things are because they are already there and being aware of what is around me without trying to change it was really beneficial.

I've found that the best teacher for learning how to live in the now is actually my doglet. Our waggy friends have a limited concept of the past and future compared to us, they are mostly living in the now and just accept whatever comes along next for them, ideally a treat or dindins :dogrun1:
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Re: mindfulness

Postby HazelB » Sun Oct 06, 2013 8:10 pm

I did an 8 week course that was mindfulness for chronic pain conditions. I found out really useful and still use it daily to help with my pain management x

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Re: mindfulness

Postby Genie65 » Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:34 am

I know what you mean about doggie friends they are very much in the moment which is what I am trying to do. Have read Ruby Wax's book and it was v.interesting to hear of her experiences with mindfulness including her MA in the subject. Well worth a read too.as it is funny and serious and gives a good explanation of the subject.

I think mindfulness is different from CBT the latter involves thinking and the one thing many of us do is overthink or ruminate usually on fearful things like what would happen if my pain got worse or I couldn't manage to wash and dress myself. Mindfulness helps to pull you back to the here and now and to find enjoyment in whatever is available to

Thanks for your replies and keep going with the meditation.
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Re: mindfulness

Postby Ann castle » Sun Aug 14, 2016 1:55 pm

Hi I do self healing reiki..I'm a reiki practitioner and this really helps me...I've got loads of books on mindfulness and they help too...I'm very into holistic health therapy.....
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