I dont want more pain killers.

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I dont want more pain killers.

Postby korbey » Wed Nov 27, 2013 1:23 am

When I was diagnosed my GP was amazing. She worked with me to find the best combination of meds and things (on a whole) settled down.

More recently I have been in a lot of pain again so I called the Surgery for an appointment. I was told my GP had left :( . My new GP doesnt seem to understand that aI dont want more pain killers, I want help to manage on my own.

When I walk at work or around home I can manage ok, but if I go into town I am in agony. I cant walk more that 10 meters without my legs hurting, and 5 minutes in I need a break. My wrists seem to hurt all the time as does my back.

My wife has suggested that maybe a walking stick would help.

Who should I be trying to see and how can I get past my GP?
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Re: I dont want more pain killers.

Postby whoami » Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:09 am

Ask your Dr to refer you to a pain clinic. They can offer a variety of treatments as well as medications.

Korbey.....The Doctors can only do so much for us. For some medication is the only thing that helps.

Keeping as active as you can as you likely know already is one of the best treatments. It does not have to be anything strenuous, just movement.

Over 25 years I have tried about everything there is to offer. I have been on numerous meds and had physio, injections and teachings at pain clinics. Some of these things have taught me how to respect my body, push but know my limits. Right now the only things that give me enough relief to function is, high dose narcotic patches, antidepressants, hot baths, walking and Arnica gel. This sounds weird but it works for me.

Work with your Dr and any type of therapy you can get. Eventually you will find a recipe of things that will give you comfort.

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