no hope with my gp =[

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no hope with my gp =[

Postby animeemo3 » Thu Dec 05, 2013 3:53 pm

really really cheesed off. after months of swallowing pills like they were candy and feeling no different, i had a moment a week about where i swallowed a lot of codeine pills. about 230mg. and they did nothing. my oh told me to go to my gp and explain it all to her and see if she can help me.

what a mistake that was. after berating me for 5 minutes about not sticking to the correct dosage, she then tells me i am too young to be on codeine and tramadol! she said she will not trial me on any usual medicines they use for fibro because i am too young! i then explained why i did what i did and she completely brushed me off. i then told her about wanting to switch meds because they make me itchy, and they make my legs really agitated at night and she ignored that too! then she said well im not giving you anything becuase you're far to young for this sort of medication, how about physiotherapy instead?

what?! i've had physiotherapy almost my whole life and all it did from the ages of 6 to 15 was put me in more agony!
i honestly don't know what to do, she is the last gp left (ive seen all the others) and i cant move surgery because there is none near me and i can barely make it to my current one as it is!
i really really don't know what to do.
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Re: no hope with my gp =[

Postby xxfibeexx » Thu Dec 05, 2013 4:17 pm

You could, very calmly and factually document all previous treatment and symptoms and put it all in a letter to the practice manager
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Re: no hope with my gp =[

Postby dejay » Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:30 pm

I realy feel for you having a dr like that, I agree you should write to the practice manager, have you got someone that you could take with you, to the dr, who would give you some back up, and they could explain for you how you feel ,many years ago my daughter came with me, and it realy did help,but then I was lucky and now have a great dr,I wish you luck, and hope things work out for you, lol
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Re: no hope with my gp =[

Postby *Lisa* » Thu Dec 05, 2013 6:21 pm

My daughters got fibro and is just 17 and on codiene and an anti-depressent drug since 16 to help with sleep and pain. They have had to change meds also in the past as the ami's didnt help so saying your too young is a cop out IMO!

2 options that may help. One is to speak with the practice manager and the other is to ask for a referal to either a Rhumatologist or pain clinic.
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Re: no hope with my gp =[

Postby jackaddict » Thu Dec 05, 2013 9:25 pm

I have just returned from the doctor having been told almost the same thing. I was swallowing codeine like there was no tomorrow, but I have now got back down to the correct dose. Today I asked if there was any other painkiller I could try (as the normal dose, does nothing) and he said there were stronger ones but I'm far too young for that kind of medication. I'm 33 for gawds sake, do I need to be drawing a pension to get decent pain relief?

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Re: no hope with my gp =[

Postby zappa20 » Fri Dec 06, 2013 2:57 am

Can sympathise but can understand where your GP is coming from.Particularly when you've demonstrated you can't be relied on to ssek her advice before taking more than is prescribed.

But taking loads of pain killers regularly from a young age is very bad news for your liver and kidneys long term. And to be blunt there is no such thing as the perfect mix of pain killer for any condition inlcuding Fibro. At best, there will be slightly reduced pain or dulling it down a bit. But with the medication comes a large number of possible side effects, fatigue, tiredness, loss of cognitive functions, dry mouth, weight gain, headaches, bladder and bowel problems. Or as you mentioned , itchy skin and restless legs.

Fibro pain is complicated, and can quickly become a very vicious debilitating circle. Due to over sensitisation of the 'pain gate threshold' in the brain receptors, pain is felt from no justifiable stimulus eg from the slightest touch, when it would normally take being physically injured to feel that level of pain. Sometimes from no stimulus at all. Lack of quality sleep particularly restorative sleep when our body repairs tissues and nerves , tends to cause the burning and electric shock nerve pain felt in Fibro. By improving your sleep quality this can all be improved to the extent a decent life quality can be found, or the pain may disappear totally over time.

When pain is felt , people unconsciously start to tense their muscles, change posture with knock on effects, and maybe sit around more or stop doing things meaning they use their muscles less. Very quickly muscles start to shorten , lose elasticity , muscle function capability decreases, becoming quickly fatigued. Before you know it, muscles ache,burn, feel tight,stiff and weak. Life as you knew it, starts to become difficult and painful, and depression if it wasn't already there before quickly sets in.

But stretching exercises and phsyio can help prevent this and enable you to regain a decent life quality. If your muscles have tightened and become weak, obviously you have to start slowly to build them back up with the physio , and do them regularly. And it's a common mistake to give up too soon, as it seems too difficult. But no different or harder than someone learning to walk again after a bad accident or stroke. Or after a simple knee op or whatever.

When something is wrong with us , we all want our GP or consultants to issue a magic pill which instantly removes the pain and fix it. Not just for fibro but for loads of other conditions, .Because having to make life changes or do boring regular exercises is much less convenient and takes longer. But sometimes the slower route is the only one which will give a longer term improvement. And medical professionals know this only too well.

Instead of being narky and abrupt your GP should have taken the time to explain that although she's sorry and sympahtises with the pain level , her reasons for not wanting to start you down the road of a possible lifetime of medications. At least then patient -dr relations would have been preserved. I think more GP's should do this instead of taking th easy route of prescribing medicatons which can have horrendous side effects.

If you were my daughter I'd be on your GP's side overall. But would have asked her to refer you to a pain clinic or a hospital fibro clinic to learn more on how to manage this horrible conditon. Then I'd have tucked you up into warm cosy bed with your favourite warm drink and your old favourite teddy bear, while I sat and pleaded with whatever mystical forces exist out there to transfer your pain over to me.
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Re: no hope with my gp =[

Postby jackaddict » Sun Dec 08, 2013 3:25 am

Unfortunately, due to the ME I already have all those symptoms that you listed as side effects and that's without taking the pills. In regards to sleep, I could have 10 minutes or 10 hours sleep and I would feel exactly the same, exhausted. I did try physio, but it made my pain worse and put me in bed for 2-3 days afterwards, making g me even more useless than I already am. The only option I have is pain relief, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this situation.
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Re: no hope with my gp =[

Postby jaxwells » Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:41 pm

I saw my doc on friday saying I cannot get on with the pregabilin at all as it makes me feel reaaly ill. I asked about pain killers because my pain sometimes reduces me to tears but she wont give me anything. She mentioned anti inflammatorys but as I suffer with reflux I cant take them. I rang back today in total agony asking for some sort of painkiller to help me and they said they would get her to ring back. Nothing :(
I will end up overdosing on paracetamol at this rate just to ease the pain. Her suggestion of a course on how to manage chronic pain is not the answer :(
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Re: no hope with my gp =[

Postby whoami » Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:41 pm

To be honest a course on pain management should be offered to everyone with chronic pain.

25 years ago I was diagnosed. At one point I was taking 10 to 12. Oxycontin a day, anti inflammatory, anti depressants, sleeping pills, break through 8 to 10 codeine (tylenol 3 with codeine) and meds for other conditions. I was a walking or should I say uncontrooled disaster.

The amount of meds I was taking at a young age was wrecking my body, my liver. I then tried other pain control methods. Yes, I was like most and said it would be no good, useless, a waste of time. Now I did not stop all those meds at once but over the years I have listened to my body. I now know what to expect and how to deal with things. Sure there is the odd time when all hell breaks through and I need to be in hospital but most of the time I am at peace with my pain.

A lot of the meds were feeding the fibro and of course your body becomes addicted. When you are not taking breakthrough pain med anymore then for a few days your body screams for it. If you give in and take it instead of giving it a day or two you are just staying in the circle. Your body becomes addicted to a simple paracetamol rather quickly.

Those of us with fibro need to embrace all suggestions given by Dr's. We are not in any shape to be self medicating, adding a couple of pills here and there. Meds only work if taken properly.

Let's face it a lifetime of pain and needing to control it is a lot of medication going in our bodies. If we can learn other ways of control it is to our benefit. Some people think that if they are not on loads of pills they can't be that bad and will not be seen by others as genuine, no matter if it is for family or getting benefits.

I plan on living for another 30 years or more, that will be 60 years with fibro. I am going to try and keep my meds to a minimal. Right now I take an antidepressant, that I think all fibro patients do or should. I also wear patches for pain. I occasionally have breakthrough and if I cannot handle it I go to the hospital. Other meds for other conditions are in different categories to the fibro meds.

Living with fibro we have to learn to help ourselves. Medicating is not the only treatment for fibro, it helps big time but there are other options to partner with meds.

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Re: no hope with my gp =[

Postby zappa20 » Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:17 am

I'm with Whoami on this 100% . Some GP's are very quick to hand out loads of medications to patients without explaining the long term effects or even the nature of their conditions.

There are some anti inflammatories suitable for people with acid reflux, Lodine is one of them. It's coated so is easier on the stomach and can be taken alongside Omeparazole as well. Please take care with the amount of paracetamol taken, in some people even just 2 extra tablets can cause a lot of damage. And it's so easy to forget when you last took them when in a lot of pain.

Would ask your GP as Whoami suggests for a referral to the Pain clinic and see what they can offer. Or even just make another appointment and go and see your GP to discuss your needs further. Book a double appointment so you have enough time with your GP. And try to stick to one subject when there. ie how you can manage your pain. It's a common mistake when you're with the GP to digress into a load of different symptoms or complaints which then distract your GP's attention from the main reason you went to see them.
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Re: no hope with my gp =[

Postby rich44 » Thu Feb 27, 2014 12:17 am

If the gp is that bad can you see someone else at the practice?
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