Neuro appointment - what do i expect?

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Neuro appointment - what do i expect?

Postby ames » Mon Dec 09, 2013 1:15 pm


I havent posted in a while, over all ive been quite good - now back at uni on a physically and mentally demanding course and of course I have that inevetable flare up with trying to jugle that, 3 children and working.

But this time was different, I almost competely lost my vision, over the course of the following two weeks it kept dipping out, id loose pheriphral vision and what i could see was rippling worse in my left eye , they though migranes but im still not right, its like im looking out of a fuzzy bubble.
My muscle spasms have been worse along with the other fibro annoyances I have, like my legs are heavier I also have a weaknes in my left side and that has been worse to.

so, My lovely Dr has referred me to a neurologist on Wednesday, only I have no idea what to expect. Are they going to be dismissive- I mean it took me years to get the fibro diagnosis, I have have wrote down my normal sympotons of the fibro i have and whats changed.

I fear they are now querying MS, and depending on this appointment means I may or may not loose my place onthe course.

Will they tell me then if they think MS is a possible explination ?

Thank you

ames xx
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Re: Neuro appointment - what do i expect?

Postby *Lisa* » Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:23 pm

They will listen to symptoms and if they feel it could be linked to MS then they can send your for an MRI this can in most cases detect MS.

I hope all goes well for your appointment :fingerscrossed:
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