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CFS/ME Home Rehabilitation Team

Postby Jeany » Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:22 pm

Some of you will know from my previous rants that I have Agorophobia, but am expected to attend wrag Jobcentre interviews, and that my jobcentre advisor has been horrible to me.

My health has been getting worse, and I am embarrassed to say that the 94 year old lady who lives next door to me is fitter, and has a better social life. I am dragging myself about, and the list of things wrong with me is like an essay.
Anyway some better news is that my GP referred me to nearest Hospitals CFS/ME team and their Home Rehabilitation Team are going to come out to me and see what they can do to help me manage this illness. The team consists of consultants, occupational therepist, liason psychiatrist, staff grade doctor, a senior occupational therapist and a specialist nurse, who all specialise in this type of illness. My GP and psychiatrist are out of their depth and not used to treating people like myself, so hopefully this team will help, and it will be so nice to be understood.

Also I called the Jobcentre to tell them I can not attend my interview next week, and when I explained to the lovely young man who dealt with my call he said that it sounds like I am having a dreadful time and that my condition has got worse, so he has advised me to write to the Jobcentre asking them to re consider putting me into the Support Group, and to enclose letters from my GP and this new team who are going to be helping me. He is also going to e-mail my usual advisor, AND her line manager with the information.
I know they could refuse to put me in the support group, but it was a relief to speak to someone nice at the Jobcentre, because last time I spoke to my advisor she had me in tears, and basically told me to get over myself. I have struggled with Agorophobia for 30 years, and most of the time managed to work AND bring up a disabled child single handed, but it is impossible now that I also have CFS/ME, so you can imagine that at the age of 57 being spoken to like that didn't go down very well.
I hope this gives some of you some hope. x
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Re: CFS/ME Home Rehabilitation Team

Postby FluppyPuffy » Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:25 pm

Sounds really good Jeany :bear-dancing: :bear-dancing: :bear-dancing:

I was with the CFS/ME Service covering my area for about 6 months and found them really helpful after I was dx'd with CFS. I attended sessions rather than having home visits, and was able to learn a lot more about the condition, and how it affects me so that I could actually live with it, rather than battling against it.

I worked with a specialist physio most of the time, and had access to other staff when needed, to help get a better overall grasp of things. If you can approach their suggestions/treatment plan with an open mind, with the aim of getting as much as you can from seeing them, you may find it helps make things a little more :bear-dancing: :bear-dancing: :bear-dancing: for you.
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Re: CFS/ME Home Rehabilitation Team

Postby denys » Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:30 pm

:fingerscrossed: :fingerscrossed: :fingerscrossed: things get sorted out and this new team can help you with your different conditions

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