Back brace or support prescribed on NHS?

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Back brace or support prescribed on NHS?

Postby cocobella » Thu Jul 17, 2014 11:11 am

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well as you can be. I saw my rheumatology physio yesterday. I have been receiving physio for years and the past 3 months I have had severe neck pain to the point where I feel I can't hold my head up (yes my head is so big haha). Anyway she noticed I have a curve at the top of my spine, below my neck. I have noticed this myself and have noticed my posture just isn't the same anymore. 3 stone weight gain probably doesn't help and a large chest doesn't help either!!! ha. I am quite tall so I tend to carry my excess weight well, however I have always been very top heavy. The physio said with that and my job at a desk it is making my posture bad. She said the best thing for me would be to wear a back brace and there are special types that you wear under clothing. I looked them up and for a good quality one they are about £40!! What I would like to know is can you get these prescribed on the NHS? For someone who only works part-time and receives no benefits £40 is quite a lot!!!

At the moment it is ibuprofen and deep heat constantly!!!

Also update on my PIP claim, it is at appeal stage and I have a solicitor involved via legal aid. (nightmare).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

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Re: Back brace or support prescribed on NHS?

Postby *Lisa* » Thu Jul 17, 2014 12:30 pm

Im not sure if you can get them free nowadays.

My physio also works for the NHS and she said they have stopped giving patients lots of things and you have to buy them yourself :shock: things like wrist supports etc...

Not sure if it includes back braces. Maybe ask your GP surgery for info?
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