Unhelpful GP's

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Unhelpful GP's

Postby Flippy22 » Fri Sep 05, 2014 11:25 am

I am having a hard time getting help from GP's. All of them at my surgery play down my symptoms. They are so dismissive and have

given me amitrip on the request of the rhumy, but won't send me to a pain clinic or give me any other help. I am in so much pain and

having real issues with mobility.

It just seems to worsen by the day. I am now having issues while eating, with pain in my fingers and wrists getting worse when I am

cutting up my food. I do have MH problems, so am fully aware that GP's are usuually dismissive if you have MH issues which really isn't

fair at all.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can tackle this issuues?
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Re: Unhelpful GP's

Postby Lindilou » Fri Sep 05, 2014 12:17 pm

I've no idea what you can do Flippy, most gp's seem to be the same. I am saving up for a session of acupuncture have you tried the holistic route?

Re: Unhelpful GP's

Postby FluppyPuffy » Fri Sep 05, 2014 1:20 pm

What about writing to the Practice Manager about your concerns/lack of help and treatment, or arranging an appt to go and talk to them???

If you've tried the various GPs at your surgery, then the next step might have to be changing to a different one. To give yourself hopefully a better chance of finding a helpful GP, you could contact the surgeries in your area and ask if they have patients with FM, CFS etc registered, and if they do, see if there is a particular GP that tends to deal with such conditions.
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Re: Unhelpful GP's

Postby Flippy22 » Fri Sep 05, 2014 1:50 pm

Thank you both. I'm not very clued up about alternative treatments. What is annoying is that the GP that refered me in the first place has

retired. He was fab and very understanding.

The last time I spoke to one of the others I asked for something for the pain and he said and I quote '' I have a patiant with SEVERE FMS and

she has foudn the dose of amitrip that you are on has really helped her'' I was almost in tears, A, because in his opion hers is worse than

mine (how can he know that?) and B, because I am still left to suffer. I think I will ring round other surgeries. The only reservation I have is

on the NHS review thingy, my currant surgery has the best reviews and the other local ones have very poor reviews.
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Re: Unhelpful GP's

Postby magicknuts » Tue Sep 16, 2014 10:06 pm

Hi Flippy

I am sorry to hear that - I believe Lindilou might actually sadly be right.

Lindilou wrote:I've no idea what you can do Flippy, most gp's seem to be the same. I am saving up for a session of acupuncture have you tried the holistic route?

I am beginning to feel you are right that all gps are like this - I had an appointment today and left home with tears in my eyes and frustrated - at him and myself. I got diagnosed a month ago and been on pregabalin. started the usual - what can I do for you, I said I have come to the end of my pregabalin he just instantly turned to his computer and printed off a script saying I will make it (whats the word for continuous - my memory!!) didnt ask how I have been on them or even if they helped any. I was shocked. I mentioned they helped a little and I did have so side effects but they went, which he just dismissed. I thought maybe it might of been worth a note of but obviously he didnt. when I mentioned that my memory and word recall seems to be getting worse and that I didnt know if it was the fibro or the pregabalin he said anxiety can cause that. if it was anxiety I wouldnt have brought it up!!!! then I mentioned that in my reading that certain supplements might help but to consult with a dr first - to which he gave me the history or how dr's didnt recommend supplements but do on occassion now and how back in the 20's....I only wanted to know if it would be ok and with the meds or if I should be careful if the multivit had vit D in as I am taking a monthly supplement prescribed by him! Gah!! by then I was almost stuttering, I am not the most confident person and certainly not with dr's but I was at a loss. He just didnt want to know. I asked about stronger painkillers for when I have a flare up as paracetomol and ibuprofen dont do anything for my pains, he really didnt seem concerned and looked at me like I was trying to get drugs for a habit, which is quite ridiculous as I have never had more than paracetomol or ibuprofen before now.

What is worse is he is the better of the drs at our surgery! and seems to know his stuff - sent me for all the blood tests - even the consultant was impressed, though the consultant (rheumi) has washed his hands of me now he has diagnosed me as i should be under nuerology. so I have to wait for an appointment with them.

I just feel so helpless. I think I will get an evening appointment next time and have a friend go with me, she is no nonsense and works for a law firm who deal in medical malpractice - she knows her stuff even if she herself is not a lawer!

Now the other dr - my fella got diagnosed with a uti, which didnt seem to go. a month or more after with him in incredible pain and a repeated course of various antbiotics my fella noticed a soft swelling on one of his botty cheeks - which he brought up with the other dr - who just dismissed it as nothing. later that night an abscess exploded - lovely, so off to hosi with my fella who then needed surgery, he may have needed surgery anyway - but it might have been less traumatic if he was sent to a&e first thing in the day. So I certainly have no faith in him. Turns out that the infection was not so much a uti but that he had holes in his water pipes which caused the infection and the abscess.

it has been a very stressful first year to our relationship!

Sorry to hijack your thread - I think I needed to vent. But I know I need to write out in sentences exactly what I want to say next time I go to them and also where possible take my friend (my fella is useless at that sort of thing) I think having the back up even if she doesnt speak will help me a lot. I just feel so intimidated by dr's and the way they seem to look down at you and how they spend so much time explaining something you dont need explaining and no time explaining anything about your condition or asking about if the medication works - which it does a little, but if it doesnt help any more in the next couple of weeks/month I will have to go back again.

maybe I should have gone in screaming and howling in pain - i would even roll on the floor if I could! maybe we have to overact everything (not that it isnt that bad - but maybe they dont believe it unless we put on a show for them!). Because I dont know about anybody else - I feel like they think I am wasting their time. I dont want to go back.

I have absolutely no hope in the medical profession. next time I am going to go in and tell him exactly what I need and expect - with my friend there for support, I would just love to be able to do that.

I hope flippy you have managed to bang their heads together. in the mean time the book I have been reading - living with fibromyalgia - gives me hope, and also has a section on how to handle certain disbelievers although the part pertaining to what you have brought up says "as there is always a risk of a personality clash between doctor and you, seek a doctor you feel comfortable"
Easier said than done I feel.

I hope you do manage to get them sorted. and that your pain gets under control

again sorry for the rant.

xx Sara
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