a private treatment that gave me my life back READ THIS

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a private treatment that gave me my life back READ THIS

Postby jason26 » Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:14 pm

ok hi everyone my names jason and i suffer from fibro it pratically destroyed my life but after 3 years off constant pain i found well no sorry my gf found this site and i went to this treatment where they change your muscle frequency at least thats as much as i understod anyway went up to manchester and i had no hope that this would work well ok may be a little but i got used to being in pain could not see it go away in my life time but these god damn geniuse have gave me my life back i no longer use a electric wheelchair because i can god damn walk it bloody worked anyway heres the site just take a look and there is my story and another fibro suffer story on there it may change ur life like it changed mine http://www.fibrohelp.co.uk its bout 300 per treatment i had 8 treatments and im still improving since i been back home for the last 3 weeks seriosly i never thought i could find a treatment that works but there is one please spread the word its change my life i can walk again im over the damn moon about this as u can tell oh by the way if u wonder y my profile is new thats because i was an idiot and was asking about an illegal plant befor i went to this treatment and my old account jason25 was banned but i made this new one to get the word out i don't want to watch u lot in pain while theres something out there that works and reduces that pain by miles if anyone has any questions from a guy that took the treatment then more than welcome to messege me or ask on here i dont mind i just want to help again the website is http://www.fibrohelp.co.uk

edit: forgot to say theres two places they do the treatment one in london and one in manchester
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