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On again, off again appointments...

PostPosted: Wed Oct 15, 2014 8:06 pm
by Queenie_70
Hi Guys,

A bit of a rant, but my frustration is through the roof at the moment. For those who have seen my previous posts you will know that I moved for a variety of reasons, one was the hope that I would get the help that I needed for myself, but also for my daughter. I spoke with a GP within days of arriving at my new home and he listed and decided, finally, that I did need to see a Neurologist for some of the symptoms that I have been suffering from. A phone call yesterday burst that bubble. The appointment was made for 30 December 2012, and the lady in-charge contacted the referring GP and asked why such a long wait. He then informed her to cancel it as it wasn't necessary. So a GP who listened to me, took the time to book a double appointment, wrote down every word I had to say regarding my spasms, that have so far had me rushed to the A&E due to their severity, has suddenly decided it is a null issue!!!!!!

What do I have to do to prove that I am ill?? Another GP, same clinic,, did see me during one of my "bad" episodes and agreed to put me on Diazapan (sp), Valium... to try and reduce the spasms enough that the residual pain would also be less. It just seems unless you are ill, I mean coughing up blood, as I have, spasming, and in excruciating pain the time and day you go see a GP, it is just written off......

I am still waiting for my assessment, apparently another four months before that will even be considered. I am £101 a week short on paying my bills, and that's just water, electric and rent....I have just had enough! I cannot stand this condition, I cannot stand being fobbed off, and I cannot stand not being able to provide what I should for my daughter, who at 25 is going backwards mentally instead of forwards. It is all just too much.

Re: On again, off again appointments...

PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 10:46 am
by dazzleship
hi Queenie

first of all :hugs:

sorry to hear you are going through such a difficult time. GP's and appointments can be a real pain can't they? :evil:

do you mean december 2014 not 2012 or am I reading it wrong.

is it the same GP which you visited, who referred you to neurologist and then decided you didnt' need it? if so that's beyond understandable.

can you get an appointment with this GP again and demand to know why he has cancelled your referral? perhaps he's got you mixed up with someone else (not that that is an excuse of course).

you shouldn't have to prove you are ill. I know it's extremely hard to do under your circumstances but please, please try not to let this stress you too much (I know, I know). because stress will only make you feel even worse.

hope you get it sorted somehow. perhaps even if you have to complain to the GP practice manager.

Re: On again, off again appointments...

PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:17 pm
by Queenie_70
Hi dazzleship,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for reading and responding to my post. I was at my wits end the other night and I feel bad that it spilled out over the forum, but I know that many of you also have been through this and can sympathize..... :crazy:

I did mean 2014, I have written 2012 a bunch of times recently, but that is how on the ball I am. Boy I wish it were 2012, I was earning a livable wage then!!!

It was the same GP who referred me to the Neurologist, who turned around and decided that it was not necessary. The lady I spoke with was almost apologetic when I explained to her that I have been fighting this for years, but I did see an "initial assessment" doctor at the Psychiatric ward, and she listened to my pleas for help, realizing that this is not psychosomatic, but real issues, with real consequences in my life. She agrees that a medication check is an absolute must, and that once the depression and migraines are under control, hopefully we can also moved forward with all the other tests that I was supposed to have...ME, CFS, and MS....

I think my next move is to make an appointment with the first Doctor I saw at the new clinic who seems to have her wits about her and even if it means waiting a couple of weeks to get in with her specifically, it will be better than being sent back to someone who obviously did not take me seriously in the first place. I am also leaning towards writing a letter to the practice manager to see why I would be told, and referred to Neurology as there is concern over my condition, just for it to be cancelled the minute it;s booked!!!????

Hugs are always appreciated, so again thank you. :-D

Re: On again, off again appointments...

PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:50 pm
by dazzleship
hi Queenie

glad I could help a little bit. I think that seeing a GP whom you think will actually help sounds like a good plan, it's not good having to wait but like you say if you feel she takes you more seriously then stick with her :-)

oh I would definitely write to the practice manager. you deserve an explanation as to why your referral was cancelled, not least because it now means that - sadly - you will have to wait even longer for the next referral appointment.

it's good that you still sound positive despite all of this. you'll get there, just keep hounding them :-)