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Re: Rude doctor

Postby bandj » Tue Apr 14, 2015 5:55 pm

I find lactose and wheat affect my ibs. I'd rather be able to eat and drink normally than be "special " over food.And having fibro has made ibs eworse so I have to be careful what goes into my stomach.
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Re: Rude doctor

Postby audreyh » Wed Apr 15, 2015 3:00 pm

My doctor has all my notes in a file .in front of her . She had seen that acid foods upset y stomachs causig me extreme pain so therefor I can't eat certain fruits or a lot of it . Also I have diverticulitis which means I have problems with certain a foods causig problems withy bowels .. Plus as a grown woman i am not stupid . Why the heck would I eat stuff that makes me ill ? I wouldn't , I have cut out wheat an gluten to help and this has.. I can't cook a lot because of my concentration so need to have meals that my kids can prepare for me and that they can eat too .i don't eat Chocolate I don't eat crisps . I also don't eat cheese I don't drink fizzy juice or alcohol and I don't drink coffee , I have 3 cups of tea a day . And I use sweeteners in my tea .., I like jacket potatoes and pasta and rice .. I know that small regular meals are better for you and j know that large portions aren of for you. But when you are sleeping some days 18 hours a day for 3-5 weeks at a time u have no appetite nor do U have The strength or ability to lift something and put it In ur mouth then I think that's the time to ask for medical help about what to eat when u can eat that will stop ur weight going up and up ..... I am now totally amazed at the answer given repeatedly here ,.. You obviously have not had the challenges I do with health to be so negative with your replies ... But thanks to anyone else who seems To have my problens with under active thyroid, fibro, sjogrens,IBS and depression and know the daily struggle having to cope with all this is.....
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