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Doc making me feel worse

PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 4:47 pm
by sandyanne

I have been suffering symptoms for several years that are the same as symptoms of fibro and chronic fatigue syndrome. The fatigue is absolutely awful and as i am a bus driver it is worrying me. I have visited doc on several occasions complaining about pains here and then there. Pains that move all over my body and head. About a year and a half ago i went to doc with a really painful foot and i was limping. He called me flatfooted! In march i visited another doc who did not seem so dismissive. I was worried due to my terrible tiredness. It doesnt matter how much i sleep i am still shattered. Anyway, i scored high on the epworth sleepiness scale and he thought i maybe had sleep apnoea. Last month i undertook the test at home and was told that i did not have SA. I hadn't actually thought that i had as symptoms were not quite in line with that condition, but who am i to argue? I did mention fibromyalgia to doc as when i read the symptoms i thought 'that is definately me' but doc wasn't going for the idea at all. I went to doc today for result of sleep apnoea test and mentioned fibromyalgia again and he said that he thought that all my symptoms did seem to point to that condition but that he was not going to note it in my notes. Why not? If he thinks, ad i do, that it is fibro then why not further tests? He basically told me just to get on with it and take one day at a time. He kept asking me what i knew about the condition and i told him about what i had read regarding it. He said there wasn't anything to do about it and that i should just take painkillers when in pain. He did not offer anything (medications do exist to help alleviate daytime sleepiness) to help me during the day when i am driving bus. My boss has lowered my hours which has helped a little but i dont want to be seen as a liability. He also advised me to find a self-help group. Why did he not send me to rheumatology to get a definite opinion? Why is he not putting his suspicion of condition in my notes? I am really confused and angry. I have not fallen asleep at the wheel but really struggle. This is putting a lot of stress on me and yet he does nothing! Sorry for long post :(

Re: Doc making me feel worse

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:39 pm
by ccat21
I feel sorry for you, could you try another gp who may be more sympathetic? My gp hasn't referred me to a rheumatologist as there are no tests for fibro and he is understanding about fibro. As for meds yes I'm sure there are for pain control that can help with fatigue. Prehaps printing off about fibro from the nhs website about the treatments and showing it to your gp may help. Also look into a support group nearby may give you some ideas. Good luck