Great GP....Poor Consultant!

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Great GP....Poor Consultant!

Postby bubbapower » Sun Jul 26, 2015 11:22 am

I don't know whether anyone else has got this problem, but my GP (who I've been seeing for about 5 years) is so understanding and helpful compared to my consultant, who is dismissive and unhelpful.
I have only just been diagnosed by my GP with fibro after having umpteen blood test, xrays, ultrasounds etc. including having 6 months of investigations under one of the worlds leading shoulder specialists. I was discharged from the shoulder specialist as he said there was nothing more he could do and that an operation would not improve my complaints. I then paid for private physio to get another opinion and he suggested mentioning the chronic pain clinic to my GP.
I had my 1st appointment not long after with a younger consultant who suggested acupuncture (which works wonders for me). My pains suddenly went from shoulder, neck and hands to legs, thighs, wrists and feet. Not to mention the headaches, tiredness and toilet issues.
I went to see a podiatrist who suggested I may have fibro and should discuss with my GP and consultant. My GP was great. When we sat and went through my symptoms, she was the one who said she thought it was fibro. And suggested talking to my consultant.
I got an older consultant who I've had 2 meetings with. When I told him what my doc and podiatrist said, he said that he knew the consultant who came up with the term fibromyalgia. He then said that the consultant wished he'd never come up with the term fibro and that it wasn't a condition and that it was a description for a group of pains. Nothing more. He suddenly became very dismissive of what I was telling him.
He criticised my GP's for the meds I am on (Gabapentin, Tramadol and cocodamol) but when I asked him for his suggestions for meds he suddenly said to carry on with the acupuncture and he didn't need to see me again!
I was gob smacked but didn't want to rock the boat and left. The last thing I want is to be discharged from the chronic pain clinic and lose the acupuncture just because of this consultants opinion.
I am due to see my GP in a couple of weeks and am wondering whether I can suggest changing my consultant without it affecting my acupuncture.
I was hoping he would come up with ways to help me cope better with everything. Disappointing to say the least.
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