Looking for good rheum; Surrey-Hants NHS or anywhere private

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Looking for good rheum; Surrey-Hants NHS or anywhere private

Postby mef » Fri Jul 31, 2015 4:35 pm

Hi-- Having had an unsatisfactory run-in with a specialist in another medical speciality, this time I'd like to get a good specialist the first time, so I would really like to hear from people about which doctors I should seek out and/or which doctors I should avoid.

I've been taking the same meds for years and suddenly I'm having side effects, and must change meds. GP is willing to refer me to a rheumatologist and to take into consideration which rheumatologist I'd like to see.

I am lucky enough to have health insurance this year, but it only lasts until the end of 2015.

I'm between Guildford and Aldershot and usually go to either Frimley Park Hosp (for preference) or Royal Surrey Hosp, but am willing to go far afield if necessary.

I'm not even sure this is fibromyalgia, and would like a good rheumatologist who will explore what else it might be. I have lumps in my forearms that no one has ever been able to explain; I stopped looking for explanations years ago, but maybe there's new info/research now.

Many thanks,

Mary Ellen
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Re: Looking for good rheum; Surrey-Hants NHS or anywhere pri

Postby UnderSiege » Fri Jul 31, 2015 11:39 pm

Hi Mef.

In the next couple of weeks I intend to have a bash at getting to grips with things by demanding a little NHS time myself (things have been left unattended for a while)
I live in North Surrey but if I find any outstanding doctors etc I'll try and remember to let you know ok. Always good to have a contingency as I know some doctors etc can be either woefully ignorant or just have a bad attitude...

Hope you're having a better class of day, that goes for tomorrow too.

Take care.

PS. You're the lady from the US aren't you? I should've said howdy lol (don't mind me, I'm a little mad)
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