Meds and Statins

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Meds and Statins

Postby robbiecramp » Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:48 pm

Hiya I have just had a meds review my current meds till I start my new ones Monday as they come in Blister packs are

Current New

Paracetamol 2x500mg 4 times a day " " " "
Tramadol 2x50mg 4 times a day " " " "
Ibruprofen 1x400mg 3 times a day " " " "
Baclofen 1x10mg 3 times a day 2x10mg 3 times a day
omerprazole 1 a day " " " "
fultium vit d supplement 2 a day " " " "
Gabapentin 3x300 3 times a day " " " "
Duxleotine 2x30mg at night " " " "
Amitriptyline 75mg at night " " " "
Atorvastatin 1x20mg at night

One of side effects is muscle damage and muscle pain my doctor who now has left the surgery to go into hospital work has been brilliant told me about this but also said was in catch 22 as with him leaving we wouldn't be able to look at other avenues if any without research. This Statin is for 2 months trail with another blood test then as have high cholesterol and something irregular showed up on my blood tests triglycerides whatever they are.

Slightly concerned as I have always been someone who will go and do anything and now my GP has referred me to ME/CFS service in Sheffield but as people with this or anyone who has been through this it's very difficult to get a diagnosis. I have struggled to even put a hoover round one room or even wash pots before I am tired and in a great deal of pain so exercising is def out although I do try and do exercise on my leg the physio has given me.
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